February 17, 2013

photo dump

I've started a running list of things I'd like to blog about (more about Elsie she is awesome, how Ry is doing not as good as I'd hoped, how nursing is going, how I made my weekly pregnancy photos...) but between a newborn and a toddler that wants my attention constantly, I'm not sure how much of that I'm going to get to.  Anytime soon at least.  Thanks to my mother who is definitely a gift from God I'm accomplishing a lot more than would be possible on my own considering my husband is generally home mostly to sleep, but in the free 30 minutes I have here and there, I honestly just want to snuggle my newborn.  I could stare at that sweet face all day long.  So I'm going to do it as much as I can.

Thus... photo dump.  I haven't taken a ton of pictures on my big camera.  Not many at all really.  I've got some on my phone (you're welcome for me blowing up your instagram feed!) that I need to eventually get on the blog as well.  Who knows when that will happen!

sorry whit... obviously sleep deprived and not paying attention to the reflection in your glasses!

For the record I have intentions of having a Move it Monday post up tomorrow.  Just don't be surprised if you don't see it until 10pm.  Or Tuesday... :o)


Emily said...

Your family is beautiful! Good for you for putting your family first and enjoying this limited time, it is hard to balance it all! Hope it all continues to go well!

Ashley said...

snuggle that baby! I'm pretty sure that's ALL I did for 10 weeks and even now I have Lilly on one side and Grace cozy on the other. Soak in every moment!

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

those first month are two are crazy with a toddler and a newborn! definitely put your beautiful family first and soak all the newborn goodness in :)

Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my look at that little peanut!! That last shot is so sweet.