February 3, 2013

week in iphone pics

Of course I'm already a week behind in this.  But hey.  Who cares, right?  I can guarantee you it is going to get worse.  These pictures are from January 20th-26th.


in her own words, her flirty face.  and the face that solidifies she will never date, ever.  painting a masterpiece.  cute little baby things.  all her 'buddies'.  the most in your face cat I've ever met.  polka dots and awkward smiles on a fro-yo date.  the ladybug game for the bajillionth time.  longest lunch ever.  crazy kid.  honestly, who knows.  cereal like daddy.  36 weeks.  post gymnastics cutie.  morning reading with daddy.  me and my girl.  and again.  and again.  post nap grogginess.  my favorite two.  more silliness with me and my girl.  friends.  sophie.  crafting.

The chances of me getting this weeks' photos up before next Sunday?  Slim.  Very very slim.

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fifth house on the left | family blog said...

oh it will get worse. i'm finally 3.5 months post partum and finally able to see the light of the blog and posting stuff. my poor boy didn't get 4 months of monthly pics taken because of my big belly and "high needs" baby ;) ugh. you are sooooo close! hoping that bp stays down for you!