February 5, 2013

this and that

::  Yesterday's doctors appointment went well.  My fluid levels looked fine, and Elsie passed the biophysical profile and NST without too much trouble.  Poor girl definitely had a rough morning though.  Lately, she is usually really quiet throughout the day as far as movement goes.  She is more of a don't sit still after 8pm kinda kid.  Well, the tech wasn't seeing what she wanted as far as breathing practice, and Elsie wouldn't move around for anything.  The tech was shaking my belly, ringing a cowbell (thank God Christopher didn't say "I need more cowbell!" until we were leaving, I would not have been able to keep it together :o), smacking my stomach, poking her with the ultrasound wand... I was getting really nervous that Miss E wasn't doing what the tech wanted, and didn't really understand what that meant.  But finally she showed off her practice breathing.  Girlfriend is a drama queen already.  Seriously, we caught her with her hand resting on her forehead in a 'woe is me' fashion.

also had the tech check to make sure she was still a girl, she is :o)

If that wasn't enough, Elsie still wasn't really moving around for the NST.  So the nurse took a metal pan, held it up against my belly right where E's head was, and smacked it with a metal spoon.  I swear that little baby was going to jump out of my belly.  She still settled back in so the nurse did it again.  I felt so bad for Elsie.  I mean, what if you were just taking a nice little nap and someone slammed you in the head with a metal spoon?  Rude, so rude.

::  In regards to me, the nurse quickly took my blood pressure while I was laying down for the NST, and it was 120/80.  So no one is too concerned I guess.  I'm not really sure what to think or do.  Every time Chris takes my blood pressure at home it is between 135/85 & 145/90.  Last night he took it, didn't tell me what he got, and then I tried, and we got roughly the same numbers.  So I am taking mine with relatively close accuracy.  But if I lay down on my left side my pressure drops to 115/70 or lower.  So I guess that means I just get to stay pregnant feeling kind of crummy.  Hopefully I actually get to talk to my doctor on Thursday and I'll get a better idea of what she thinks.  But now my dad is out of town until the 13th, and Christopher's schedule is crappy through the weekend, so I kind of need to make it to Sunday or Monday anyway.

::  Why oh why are toddlers so complicated and trying?  I really REALLY want to make Ryann feel special, and do fun things and just love on her these last few days that she is an only child.  But for the love... This kid is definitely making it difficult.  She always seems to be riding the biggest emotional roller coaster and is testing her boundaries like crazy.  I know it is the age, but whoa.  She definitely isn't helping the blood pressure issue!  I'm hoping once Elsie is here the acting out doesn't get too much worse, because I have no idea how I'll handle it.


::  I keep saying I'm going to put up Valentine's decorations.  At least a little something.  And now Valentine's Day is less than 10 days away and I still haven't done anything besides buy a bag of conversation hearts.  Fail.  It isn't like I really have that many decorations anyway, but hearts are cute and Ryann loves festive little things.  Must get on that...

::  I have a headband and baby accessory addiction.  Check out these cute little headbands that came in the mail from Fab Flower Headbands on etsy.  I'm trying to keep myself from ordering more little accessories, but I. CAN'T. STOP.  They are just too cute.  Now I just need a cute way to organize and display them in E's room!


::  Our little master bathroom renovation is finally complete.  Minus the part where I need to find a mirror, but that is minor.  Christopher went to take the first shower in the new shower, and no water came out.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  Supposedly someone is coming today to make it work.  It better not take long.  So sick of having people in my house!


Jenny @ Sippy Cup Chronicles said...

wow that sounds like quite an appointment! They really pulled out all of the stops. Many times those at home blood pressure cuffs are not as accurate. I hope that she comes soon for you! enjoy though because I always miss pregnancy after the baby comes. I also understand the toddler and being pregnant thing, also. My daughter was 18 months when her sister came. She decided to climb out of the crib the week my daughter was born! needless to say it was not easy to transition to a toddler bed when I was already sleeping less than 4 hours a night! Feel Good :)

Caits said...

Hey Ashley just wondering if you have a list of second baby "must haves" or wants, what did you do differently to get ready for Elsie vs Ryann?