January 23, 2015

my little dance star

This past weekend Ryann had her first dance performance of the year.  It was the competition showcase, which gave all the girls an opportunity to do their dances on a stage before the real competitions.  I was so nervous that Ryann, and her class, would be a disaster, but they pulled it together!!

No, their dance wasn't perfect, but for a small group of 4 and 5 year olds it was pretty good.  Ryann did a wonderful job staying with the music and only forgot one part.  And she was pretty pumped because she got to wear lots of make-up and fake hair.  I'll admit the fake hair was pretty awesome.  Hers looked a bit cheerleaderish (not that that is a terrible thing, but not what I was going for) but it was too cute.  And makes me long for a day that maybe her hair will thicken up a bit!


After the showcase Ryann asked me if she was all done with that dance.  When I reminded her that she still has two competitions and a recital to go, she asked me what a competition is.  We have kind of been over it before, but I've tried not to dwell on it too much because winning doesn't matter, especially at this age.  I want her to enjoy the atmosphere, have fun with her dance friends, and feel like she is a part of a team.  But I explained that a bunch of different studios will come and dance and try to do their best so they can win ribbons and trophies.  Naturally she is now paranoid that she won't be good enough and won't win.  Of course I assured her over and over that winning doesn't matter.  Smiling and having fun does.  So we'll see.

After that conversation I looked up the various rules for the competitions we're going to, and the category that these cute little girls will be in is 8 and under.  I'm sure their age is considered when comparing the two, but the difference between an 8 year old's ability and a 4 year old's ability is pretty big.  So that will be interesting.


Nonetheless, Ryann is having fun and learning a lot, and I'm loving watching her dance.  Can't believe I'll be heading in to a dance competition as a parent!


Anonymous said...

I am a bit shocked at the outfits and overdone hair and makeup on a 4/5 year old! Maybe I am just uneducated but that doesn't look right, even for a competition.

Ashley said...

I figured someone would be offended by it, but the reality is things are just a bit different in the competitive dance world. And yes she looks over done, but 20 rows back or more from the stage and you can't even tell.

These particular outfits are what was worn by the entire studio for the showcase because costumes weren't done. Outside of performances Ryann doesn't wear make-up or fake hair or anything of the sort, so in my opinion a few times a year doesn't hurt. She enjoys the dress up. Not trying to jump down your throat or say this kind of thing is for everyone, it's just my opinion on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I do not know dance at all so I do appreciate the explanation. :)