January 20, 2015

that's what she said

Me:  "Did you have any dreams last night?"
Ryann:  "Yeah, me and my mom went to all the grades and then college."
Me:  "Well that's weird."
Ryann:  "Why?"
Chris:  "I thought you said she was your mom."
Ryann:  "Life works out weird in magic land."

Ryann:  "Mommy will you please print me a picture of Elsa to color PLEASE?"
Me:  "Hold on let me finish these invitations."
Ryann:  "PLEASE MOM.  I'm making a picture for you.  And if I do something for you, you do something for me.  I'm pretty sure that is how this works."

Ryann:  after getting herself dressed  "I picked out leopard pants for the bottom, and my anchor shirt for the top.  So it's like I'm half leopard, half boat girl!"


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