January 2, 2015

eight weeks


Hello baby!  Alright it still doesn't look like much, but I was thrilled to see the little girl or guy.  Christopher snagged the portable ultrasound machine from work to 'practice.'  We aren't going to go crazy with the ultrasounds all the time, but it was very reassuring to see that the baby had grown, and to see the heart beating again.  He hasn't done any readings about measuring for dates, but baby was definitely bigger than it was two weeks ago.

how far along:  8 weeks (compare to 8 weeks with Elsie)

size of babyaccording to the bump a raspberry, about .63 inches.  Baby is wiggling his or her little arms and legs, and the taste buds are now forming.

weight gain: -1 pound.  Gained back three pounds in the last few days.  All of the sudden I needed to eat ALL THE FOOD.

maternity clothes:  nope 

symptoms:  Some nausea and food aversions, however not near as bad as last week.  Some fatigue, some bloating.  A kind of gross taste/feeling in the back of my throat, which I think is related to maybe a bit of reflux.  Basically I just feel kind of blah.  Not super horrible, but not myself.  The one thing that is out of control are smells.  Everything smells absolutely horrible to me.  Last night I could smell mushrooms from across the house.  I couldn't stand it.

exercise:  Much better than last week, even though I would have liked to accomplish a bit more.  I went to two barbell strength classes, did a 3.5 mile run, a 4 mile run and walked a mile.

cravings/aversions:  Pinterest makes me gaggy.  I can't handle scrolling through all the pictures of food.  Pizza is on my no list, which is strange.  In general nothing ever sounds good.  Unless it does, and then I must have it right that minute.  This week it was the cheese bread that my mom makes for 4th of July.  I don't know what all the sudden I had to have it, but I did.  So Chris picked up the ingredients and I ate nearly half a loaf.  Whoops.  Also I'm super cliche and craving fried pickles.  We had some on New Year's Eve and they are all I can think about.  Last night I swore I could smell pickles.

movement:  nope

sleep:  Kind of crappy.

gender:  I'm definitely leaning towards boy.  And for the first time in three pregnancies, I actually think boy in my head, as opposed to just telling myself it will probably be a boy.  I refer to the baby as he, and am gravitating towards boy things.  I've never been right, but maybe this time?

looking forward to:  We met with a contractor who will be doing work on our new house, and I am really looking forward to getting all that started.  I'm so excited to make it our own.  Picking out paint colors and such for an entire house is rather daunting though!

worries:  Feeling pretty worry free at this exact moment.

what's different this time:  I think I'm feeling better than I was when I was pregnant with Elsie, despite it not being great.  It is still hard to believe I'm pregnant.

best moment this week:  Seeing the baby quickly jumped to the top of the list.  But spending the night in our new house and pondering what it will be like to live there was pretty awesome.  It also made me teary because I'm so sad to be moving away from my friends.  Still fun though.  2015 is going to be quite the year.

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