March 23, 2015

good green fun

On St. Patrick's Day we had some of our buddies over for a little play date.  These kids are so much fun and for the most part they get along so well!


I put together some themed food, ordered some pizza, and we had a great morning playing and hanging out.  Ryann sat by the front door for a good thirty minutes waiting for her friends to come over, and she was incredibly sad to see them go.  Apparently the oldest three played some game where they snuck out of Ryann's room and stole things out of the kitchen.  Afterwards I found several measuring cups, spoons and bowls in her bed and closet.  The only concerning item was the apple slicer.  Yikes, but at least they had a good time?


I had to snap some pictures of the girls afterwards of course, and my goodness they are sassy and goofy.


I hope we can squeeze in a few more big play dates before we move.  I'm pretty sure I say or think it every time we all get together, but I don't know what I'm going to do without these mamas and kiddos in my daily life.  Love them so much!


J Young said...

Yes, it always amazes me when my kids have friends over the shenanigans they get into. There is always a much bigger mess then my kids make alone, and I don't understand some of the tings they play with. It looks like they all had a great time though! And those clover leggings are adorable!!

Pazzta Tali said...
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Pazzta Tali said...

We happen to meet a great people there and started to chat with them and drink w/them too. I had a great time here, glad we found these New York venues by accident. Will definitely come to this place again as anyone will make this a regular spot easily.