March 22, 2015

nineteen weeks


Well hello belly.  That thing is definitely growing like crazy.  And it looks to me like it is bigger and lower than it way with Elsie.  I can barely stand the feeling of anything on the lower part of my belly.  Everything is just so irritating and uncomfortable.  I'm not sure if it Baby 3's position, less ab stregnth this time around or what.  But bleh.

how far along:  19 weeks (compare to 19 weeks with Ryann, 19 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  My app claims that baby girl is the size of a tomato this week.  I generally see a tomato as being kind of small, but whatever.  She is roughly 6 inches long and half a pound.

weight gain:  10 pounds.  I have no excuses for this other than poor eating habits.  The extra weight might also be adding to the uncomfortableness.

maternity clothes:  Yes.  Wish I liked more than one pair of my pants.  Really I think I'm just going to invest in some semi cute lounge clothes or something.  I don't know.  If I could wear pajamas all the time that would be great.

symptoms:  With all the belly issues I've had some ligament paint, but other than that I'm pretty symptom free.

exercise:  Running is becoming a joke.  It is so frustrating knowing that I freaking ran a half marathon at 22 weeks with Elsie.  I can't make it half a mile without being uncomfortable.  All of the ligaments in my right hip and on my right side hurt.  They just do.  I'm going to have to find other ways to stay active and I hate it.  Obviously I'll listen to my body and do what is right for me and the baby, it is just so irritating to not be able to do what I feel like I should.  I did cover 90,708 steps according to my fitbit, so not too shabby at all.

cravings/aversions:  Nothing in particular either way.

movement: Yes, sometimes it seems super strong, but I'll still go a day without really feeling anything.  Definitely starting to pick up though!

sleep:  Twice this week I woke up in the middle of the night and had trouble falling back asleep, but other than that not bad at all.

gender:  I can't wait to get the girl confirmation at my ultrasound this week.

looking forward to:  My ultrasound on Thursday.  I can't wait to see our sweet little girl and I hope everything looks great.

worries: Slightly worried that something will be wrong at the ultrasound, even though I have no reason at all to believe it would be.  Also a little worried I'm going to gain 40+ pounds this time if I can't get the eating habits under control.  Yikes!

what's different this time:  The belly and the inability to run are the biggest differences right now.

best moment this week:  Baby wise Chris was able to feel the lightest tap of a kick.  That is always fun, and I feel like he begins to bond even more with the baby once he can feel it too.  Technically this falls in the following week but we had Ryann's birthday party on Friday and it was a lot of fun.  She seemed to have a really good time as did the other 14 kiddos in attendance.  There were no tears and no fighting that I'm aware of, so it was a win for sure.  Can't believe she will turn five in one week!

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