March 31, 2015

the saga continues

Was it just two weeks ago that I wrote about Elsie's ER visit?  And that I hoped we could keep our pediatrician adventures to well checks?  Haha.  Yeah right.

I'm pretty sure it was the day after I wrote that post that we noticed Elsie started wheezing again.  Not terrible, but she ended up needing a little albuterol to calm it down.  And as the week progressed she began to need the inhaler two to three times a day to keep the wheezing to a minimum.  She never seemed in real distress, no retractions or anything, but it was obvious that something wasn't quite right.  Our next best guess was that if she did have asthma, she was allergic to something and it wasn't allowing her lungs to heal and function properly.

I sent off a message to the pediatrician who agreed that allergy testing was a good next step, and she called in the orders.  Last Tuesday we had her blood drawn.  Let me just say Elsie has become a serious champ at this whole doctor thing.  She didn't really even bat an eye when we were getting her blood drawn, not a tear, didn't fight it at all.  And at every check-up we've gone to she has complied with all the doctor's requests without any issue.  So proud of her.

waiting for the blood draw

We thought we'd just wait for the allergy report, but by Thursday afternoon her breathing was the worst I'd heard it in over a week.  Again her attitude was great, she hadn't had any fevers or anything, she continued to eat and drink as normal, there was just this continuous wheeze and you could tell she was short of breath.  After I left Elsie in her crib for nap I called her doctor's office and asked if we should just continue with the albuterol as needed, or if there was something else I should be doing.  They said if she was truly wheezing they were concerned and I needed to bring her in.  And the only available appointment was in 35 minutes, naturally.  So I got Elsie back out of her crib, tried to calm a crying Ryann (she was pissed because her 'mommy Ryann time' was being interrupted, I can't blame her) and off we went.

We got all checked in and such, and taken back to a room in a relatively reasonable amount of time.  They check her oxygen level, and while it wasn't terrible, it was at 94%.  Definitely could be better.  We then waited quite a bit to see the doctor (not our regular pedi, she wasn't available that day).  But the next person who popped their head in was a med student.  I feel as though I can never say no when the request to do the exam, because Christopher has been there and how rude would I be if I said no?  She did her thing, was very nice, and then we waited again to see the doctor.

In the meantime I handed Ryann my phone and Elsie laid on the table and watched her play games.  E was facing away from me, but she turned her head just a bit and I noticed something on her face.  Then I realized it was blood.  Lovely, just lovely.  I sat her up and started dealing with the nose bleed.  I got it mostly calmed down just as the pedi came in, though Elsie was still freaking out a bit because there was blood on her hand and shirt.  The doctor began discussing all Elsie symptoms and issues with me, and naturally Elsie sneezed sending blood flying everywhere.  I'm not sure we could be having any more fun!

They had Elsie lab reports back, and while she didn't appear to have any seasonal allergies, she has a class three allergy to cats and a class two allergy to dogs.  Well, that could explain why the poor girl couldn't get better.  But the doctor wasn't convinced the allergies were the only issue and sent us off for a chest x-ray.  By this point it was like ten till 4.  I hadn't had the chance to eat lunch because my ultrasound had been in the morning and I planned to eat during nap time.  We were all tired and a little hungry, but the imaging center closed at 4:30 so no rest for the weary.

Again Elsie was a champ, walked straight back for her x-ray without me and didn't bat an eye.  When they came back out the ladies complimented how amazing she was and adorable and just kept gushing over her.  It was funny.  E managed to walk away with like 10 giant stickers, but the lack of a nap was getting to her and she became quite emotional.  Christopher had met us there, and I was hoping he could take Elsie home while I took Ryann to dance but E just wasn't having it.  She needed her mommy, so the three of us went to dance while Chris took on dinner duties.

For the record I hadn't planned on needing to drive straight to dance from all this, so poor Ryann wound up in class in a dress and leggings and her hair all in her face.  But at least I leave her shoes in the car so we had those.  Anyway, the doctor called me while we were there and said that Elsie appeared to have atypical pneumonia.  I certainly wasn't expecting that.  She called in a prescription to the pharmacy.  Chris wasn't 100% convinced by that diagnosis, but picked up the meds anyway.

Over the weekend we were at my parents house, and Elsie didn't need the albuterol at all.  She seemed to be doing much better, so we took that as the antibiotics were working and she was on the mend.  However just two hours after we got home Sunday afternoon Elsie was back to wheezing.  Not nearly as bad as she had been, but it was still there.  Well shoot.  After finding out she was allergic to cats we found ours a new home to live with, so they left Sunday night.  My mom and I spent the majority of the day yesterday vacuuming everything and running any curtains and blankets through the wash that we could.  I'm trying to schedule to have our carpets and upholstery cleaned.

I hope that getting all the pet dander out of the house will allow her to breathe better.  But in the mean time, we have yet another follow-up on Thursday with our regular pediatrician.  Woot woot.  Funny that at Elsie's two year appointment I said something to the affect that we wouldn't be seeing her anymore (because we're moving) and now we'll have been there four or five times.  I hope we've got all these issues figured out soon!


Michelle said...

Hey! I'm sorry you're going through all of this! Have you thought about trying essential oils? They can help with both promoting clear breathing as well as the pet allergies. Check out the site for info and testimonials. I know it might not be the typical route to go, especially when you're dealing with breathing issues and also having a dr in the family but it's a nice natural alternative. Let me know if you have questions or want some samples to try. I'd be happy to send them! :)

Jennifer Antognoli said...

I thought it sounded like a cat allergy! So happy you have a diagnosis and no more wondering what is causing the wheezing! :)