May 9, 2009

homeowners day two!

Wow. Another very exhausting day. But very productive! We finished patching cracks and holes, painted the rest of the ceilings in the bathrooms and bedrooms, completely painted the guest bedroom and third bedroom, put the first coat of paint on the master bedroom, cleaned the gutters, mowed the lawn, and cleaned the fridge. Not bad for one day.

Oh I also got to call the plumber and have him come fix our toilet today. We actually noticed a problem yesterday but he couldn't get out to the house until today. There was water dripping in our basement and the tank wouldn't fill in the hall bath toilet. I don't know what he fixed, but it works which is all that matters to me. Talk about jumping into the ups and downs of home ownership!

Here is the hubby fixing cracks bright and early in the morning before he had to start studying.

Meaghan managed to go gray while painting the closet :). That will teach her to let her head touch wet paint!

My dad is definitely a trooper for his work today. Not only did he clean all of the poo smelling junk out of the gutters, but he tackled the nasty nasty fridge. All after he mowed the lawn. Probably the best dad ever. Just try and top him!

Here is the guest bedroom completely painted. So far it is my favorite. I can't wait to see it after the floors are redone. We are planning to go with a dark stain so I think the walls and trim will really pop.

Kyle also took on several projects today, painting all of the ceilings, and doing the roller painting in pretty much every room. His ability to reach the ceilings without a ladder was definitely helpful!

We managed to sucker my mom into climbing on the ladder inside the closet. :)

Here is the third bedroom, painted a light gray. I plan to use brightly colored accents in this room, so I thought the gray would be a nice neutral. Eventually I want to stencil a pattern in a darker grey on one of the walls. I got my inspiration from here and here.

And the master bedroom. This is the room where I am most unsure about the color. It is looking more yellow than I wanted it too, (it looks even more yellow in the photos than it does in person!) but I think when we get our furniture in the house I will like it. It wanted a light neutral, something that was slightly tan... hopefully this will work out!

Still more work to do! This evening Chris and I went and purchased all new door knobs. Those definitely add up quickly, but I am excited to install them tomorrow, we are replacing some brass/gold door knobs with satin nickel. Much better!

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