May 13, 2009

open ALL the drawers...

So I believe I forgot to mention what we discovered about our kitchen. As I mentioned this weekend my dad took all of the pieces out of the fridge and scrubbed everything. Well, when we were putting everything back in on Monday, we realized that to open the bottom vegetable drawer in the fridge, you would have to first open the back door to the house so you could then open the fridge all the way in order to open the drawer. Sounds functional doesn't it? Yep...

We knew that eventually we were going to try and remodel the kitchen a little bit, because even though it (ok we thought it) was functional, everything is rather dated and could just use some TLC. But after the latest fridge discovery, combined with the fact that most fridges we want to buy simply will not fit in the space, we are pursuing redoing the kitchen sooner than planned.

I want my kitchen to look something like this:

(Photo from Rate My Space)

Well actually what I would like to take from this photo are the white cabinets that go to the ceiling, the hardware, and the stainless steel appliances. Oh and green walls. I have already the green paint for the kitchen.

I think I would choose a lighter colored counter top, there are some at Home Depot that I really like. Also I would like to have a glass tile back splash, either subway tiles or mosaic tiles. I'm not quite sure what color yet.

This weekend I have a meeting with the kitchen designer at Home Depot to see what they can come up with, and then sometime soon I will be getting together the guy that designed my mom's kitchen. Hopefully one of them will be able to help me create a wonderful kitchen on a modest budget!

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