May 17, 2009

I want a million dollar kitchen...

... on a thousand dollar budget. Ok well not quite that extreme, but I have definitely learned that I will probably not be getting exactly what I want in my kitchen. (I just have to keep repeating, this is not our forever house, this is not our forever house) After our Home Depot meeting yesterday this is what I have to think about.

The current kitchen has cabinets and appliances on two walls. One wall has the stove (and the microwave when we get on and install it) and one upper and one lower cabinet, while the other wall has the fridge, dishwasher, sink, and a couple of upper and lower cabinets.

When we redo the kitchen I would love to basically move all of the appliances around, putting the fridge and a pantry on the wall where the stove currently is, move the stove and microwave to the wall where the fridge currently is (and leave the dishwasher on that wall), and then add lower cabinets and move the sink to the walls where there is nothing right now. Obviously moving that stuff around increases the cost of the kitchen remodel, but I think it will also increase the functionality of the kitchen by so much.

We looked at a few styles of Thomasville cabinets. As I've previously mentioned I would like white cabinets (which also increases the price, boo). The first image shows the cabinets that I orginally picked out as the ones I like (however we would order it with the slab drawers, not the five piece drawers), but are too pricey no matter how we do the kitchen.

This second style could come into the kitchen if we did not move any of the appliances around and stuck with only the two walls of cabinets. It has a little extra detail on the recessed portion of the door, but it has the full overlay and slab drawers like I want.

This last option shows what we might end up with, in reality no matter which kitchen layout we choose. Yes they are a recessed panel like I want, but they don't have a full overlay and actually have more detail on the doors than I was hoping for. However I do still think they would look nice, and would look more modern if I wasn't seeing all of the furniture style legs.

The good news is that we found out from the 21st through the 27th the granite that I want (but thought I couldn't have in my kitchen because granite was going to be too pricey) is on sale for 20% off. And the kitchen designer told us we could purchase some without knowing exactly what our kitchen layout will be, and as long as no one has come out to the house we can return it if we decide not to proceed with the kitchen. Sweet!

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