May 25, 2009

the mountain of boxes...

has turned into just three!  I did a lot of unpacking and managed to empty all of the boxes in the kitchen and most of the boxes in the extra bedroom.

Ok so in reality several of the boxes ended up in the basement in our storage area, but they mostly consist of serving dishes and extra dishes and glasses that I don't want to unpack if we are just going to be tearing out the kitchen cabinets in a few weeks.

Today I also put together my desk in my basement workroom.  I definitely need to come up with something to make this room a little bit more put together.  The trim will get painted white, and I will probably paint the walls green, but I'm not sure what to do about the floor.  Right now it is some sort of hideous gray horrible carpet.  I am looking for a cheap remedy that looks better than what is there now.

Chris and I installed a new light fixture in the extra bedroom, and we did it without anyone else's help!  Ok I know installing light fixtures isn't rocket science, but we hadn't actually put up one by ourselves yet, so I am happy to report that we can.

We also went to Home Depot tonight to place an order for Silestone countertops.  Even though there are no concrete plans for the kitchen yet, I wanted to take advantage of the current specials that allowed us to get 20% off.  The kitchen designer told us we could place an order based on a layout we wanted in the kitchen to get that price point, and still have the ability to cancel or change our order later.  The color we chose is called Ivory Coast.  I think it will look great with white cabinets and green walls!

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