May 11, 2009

Well today was interesting... actually I'll start with yesterday. So a hole we patched in the master bedroom took a thousand years to dry, so we didn't get as much done as we had hoped. Then my dad and I started on the main portion of the house. First we planned to spray the ceiling with a paint sprayer, so we took down all the light fixtures. When we took down the fixture in the dining room my dad bumped a wire and it shocked him, even though the switch was off. After that the garage door and stopped working. Really? The garage door is connected to the dining room light? We flipped switches in the basement but it never started working... hopefully the electrician will call me back.

Today I got to the house around 8am, and patched some holes in the dining room before finishing the last wall in the master bedroom. That spackle didn't dry until 7pm!! Apparently I didn't do it right according to my dad. I needed to slowly build the layers. Oh well...

A guy from the wood floor company that is starting our refinishing job tomorrow came to the house today to look at the damaged floor and give us an estimate to repair it. He walked in and said 'oh you've got some termite damage there.' What? Termite damage? According to the man from the pest company that did our termite inspection said this house had never been treated for termites and there were no signs of any. So now we are dealing with that, having the pest company come back out to confirm whether or not it is termites, and check for any live termites. I don't know what I'll do if we have a termite problem.

Overall this four day work weekend has gone well. We painted every room with wood flooring including the ceiling, cleaned the fridge, cleaned the gutters and some other random odd jobs. Not too bad.

Here is a picture that shows what I believe is a termite hole through the wood. I was sad before when we found the damaged wood, and now I'm really upset that it is termite damage. Oh man...

The master bedroom all painted!

And the living room. (I sneezed right before I took these pics and apparently dust went everywhere)

And my dad trying to help speed up the drying process for the spackle so we could paint the last little bit of the dining room.

My parents were an amazing help this weekend. I'm pretty sure I'd have maybe two rooms painted if I hadn't received so much help from them and Meaghan and Kyle.

Tomorrow the wood floors are going to be sanded. Next on my to do list? Paint the bathrooms!

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