May 30, 2009

home warranty = good investment

Let me recap Thursday for you. Our warranty company was supposed to send someone out to fix our dishwasher. 'Oops, we brought the wrong part with us, we will try again tomorrow.' Thank you, I love the pile of dirty dishes that is mounding on the counter. (Ok that is my fault, I'm just too lazy to wash them by hand!) Thursday evening the guy that did the cabinets in my mom's kitchen came and measured and discussed what we could do in there. We are going to compare Home Depot's price to his price. Next I make dinner, we eat, I start cleaning up, Chris is studying, Kyle starts changing a few outlets out for us.

Thankfully Kyle was in and out of the basement on Thursday night, or we might not have known that water was pouring into our basement. The garbage disposal had backed up and asparagus chunks ended up in my shower.

On Friday morning I called the warranty company to check and see if the dishwasher guy could come, and ask them if our plumbing/disposal is covered in the warranty. Thankfully it was, and a guy came out to fix the problem. Turns out one of our pipes was split the entire length, and someone decided glue was a great remedy for that. He unclogged our pipes and replaced the broken one for our service charge of $60, and told us it would have normally cost $600. Thank God for the warranty company!

Also on Friday the pest company came out to treat the rest of the house for termites. Now there about a zillion holes drilled into my porch and patio. Looks like I might be in the market for concrete paint...

Lastly the guy came out to fix the dishwasher. Apparently the motor was in two pieces. I suppose that makes it difficult for the dishwasher to actually work. But the nice man fixed it and now it works wonderfully!

As much as I was irritated that it didn't get fixed before we moved in, I am happy to report that in the process of fixing the dishwasher we learned that our kitchen also has hardwood floors! They are hidden under two layers of sticky vinyl, so who knows what shape they are in. It would be just our luck that there is termite damage under there as well. I am using all my will power to resist the urge to try and peel off all the vinyl right now!

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