May 14, 2009

our TINY master bath

While looking for houses one of my must haves was two bathrooms. Technically this house met that criteria, it does have two baths, but the master bath is TINY!! The vanity can only be 24 inches wide. The shower door doesn't open all the way because it hits the toilet, and the shower head is going to be spraying Chris straight in the face.

We are hoping with a few changes that this small bathroom will start to feel a little bit bigger, or if nothing else just a little bit nicer.

Most likely we will take the door off the shower and exchange it for a curtain so that even if I gain five pounds I'll still fit through the little crack you have to shimmy through to get in the shower. The walls are going to be a light green. I would love to close off that awkward window like thing that lets light into the hall bath (I wonder how hard that would be...). And I think a new vanity would do wonders!

I would love either of these vanities from Pottery Barn, but unfortunately they are both larger than 24 inches wide, and oh yes, about $1500 each. That is more than I wanted to spend on the total bathroom makeover!!

If anyone has any ideas where I can find a vanity like either of these, but smaller, and most definitely cheaper, let me know!


Kristina R. said...

I don't know if you are near an Ikea, they have some nice and reasonable bathroom cabinet options (

Ashley said...

Thanks for the idea, unfortunately I am nowhere near an Ikea, and the sink cabinets I saw on their website were more than 24 inches wide.

Lisa said...

Costco has one that is similar to the second one (is that PB?), but it is a dark wood. I don't recall what color the granite top is, but I know it's beautiful. I'm fairly certain it comes with the baskets.