June 21, 2009

Drinks, Dips and Desserts

Last night my mom, Kelsey and I threw a bridal shower for Christin. It was wonderful! I am pretty proud of how everything turned out. Everyone had a great time. Hope you enjoyed yourself Christin!

Our theme was 'Drinks, Dips and Desserts,' or entertaining if you will. We didn't specify the theme for gifts, but it was a fun theme to go with. Check out our spread of food! It was absolutely delicious. My mom is a great cook. Our menu included shrimp and cocktail sauce, meatballs, cheese fondue, fruit dip, spinach and artichoke dip, herb dip, chicken fajita dip and a variety of desserts.

We also served some champagne punch.
Champagne Punch
12 oz orange juice concentrate
6 oz lemonade concentrate
2 cups cold water
1 750 ml bottle riesling
2 750 ml bottle champagne
Combine orange juice and lemonade in a pitcher. Slowly add water and wine and stir. Just before serving pour in the champagne!

Because Christin and Keith are moving to China, our favors (along with some fabric) had a little bit of Asian flair.

I borrowed this present tagging system from Emily's shower that Whitney threw. It made the gift opening easy because no one had to be writing things down, plus it added a fun little game for Christin, because we had her guess what she thought was in the gift.

All of the guests wrote their favorite Christin memory on a note card. She later had to guess who the memory belonged to.

It was a wonderful evening!


Whitney said...

You guys outdid yourselves! I really do love that theme. And Tammy's food looks amazing. :)

The Barkemeyers said...

Ashley the shower was AMAZING! It was so much fun, and I could have stayed at the food table for days! Thank you so much!