June 14, 2009

For some reason I didn't feel like posting this week... I really had nothing better to do, but I couldn't make my self take or upload any photos.  But I gave my self a little kick in the butt and decided it was about time.

First, I would like to start off by bragging just a bit.  These photos have been sitting on our bedroom floor since we moved in, and this week I decided it was time they get hung up.  Chris was studying so I took it upon myself.  And ta da!!  I hung them completely level and completely centered all by my self on the first try!  (Ok I made Chris come in so I could mark center, my arms weren't long enough to hold up the tape measure and mark)  I'm just a little bit proud :o).

This past week was a pretty rainy one, specifically Tuesday I believe.  Well when I came home from work, I discovered that water had started pouring in our basement through the windows as well as a crack in the wall.  Actually I first noticed the moat that Chris had dug around the backyard!  (I will take a picture soon)  Even though this little trench looks a bit ridiculous, apparently it worked.  Way to go hubby :o)  He also went out and bought window well covers so we wouldn't have so many problems.  Thank goodness we were gifted a dehumidifier from my friends parents.  At first I wasn't sure why we needed one, but it has definitely been put to good use!

I am thrilled for the upcoming week.  I took the entire week off work, because before we decided to buy the house, Chris and I had planned to go on an early anniversary vacation.  After we decided to buy the house we decided to skip the vacation, but still take the week off.  We have some projects planned!  I hope to paint our family room, as well as the shutters.  After I paint the shutters, I'd love to spruce up the porch.  The youngsters over at This Young House are my inspiration.  If only our local Home Depot carried the glider bench...

Chris has some other projects planned, which hopefully will include putting up a wall to make our basement that is currently a garage entry, an inside entry.  Then I will finally claim the hall bathroom and have some space to get ready!

Check back this week for our project progress!!

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