June 1, 2009

shopping spree

Well first, I believe I forgot to mention that Saturday, my prissy little self mowed the lawn. Yes me. Maybe I shouldn't be bragging but really, who would have thought that I would actually mow the lawn. I'm sure anyone who saw me while I was doing it was laughing a lot, because I definitely struggled to get the mower around the yard. But I did it.

Now on to my shopping spree. Sunday morning I spent about $700 in two hours. Not bad, not bad at all! Ha ha, luckily I'm returning some of it so it will total closer to just under $600. Here is what I purchased:

- 3 lamps
- 5 shower curtains
- shower caddy
- laundry sorting bin
- ceiling fan
- fireplace doors

The ceiling fan and fireplace doors account for most of my bill, and unfortunately I had to order both so I can't show you those yet. But here is a look at my lamps and shower curtains.

All of the shower curtains have been narrowed down to these two:

One is more gray, and one is a taupe color. Chris likes the gray more, and I am perfectly ok with the color, but I'm not 100% sold on the shower curtain. I think it is a bit more graphic than I was going for. (This is my bathroom I wanted something girly!) But nonetheless I think it would be nice to if we keep the gray curtain to get a white vanity with some sort of gray marble top look.

And here are the lamps I scored for only $50 each at Pier 1. Some of the lamps we had been thinking of buying were $125 each!

This poor little guy didn't make the cut. I love this lamp, but it is just too short for everywhere that we need a lamp. I will be taking him back (I'm not quite sure why I've decided this lamp is a boy) and exchanging him for another one of the lamp pictured above. We are going to put two on the buffet and then hang a piece of artwork up.

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