June 18, 2009

Yesterday I really didn't feel much like painting.  For some reason I was exhausted all day!  But we still managed to get quite a bit done.  Like hanging up our beautiful new ceiling fan!  It looks great, AND I purchased the $100 fan instead of the $150 fan we were looking at.  Once we got it hung up I was so happy that I did.  I don't think you can tell that its a 'cheaper' fan.

We also hung up a bunch of stuff in our hall bathroom... the shower curtain and rod, towel bar, shelf, mirror and a hook on the back of the door.  Now I really just need to figure out how to get that dang gold toilet paper holder thing out of the wall.  It is seriously stuck in there.  Oh and we need some new brushed nickel hardware on the vanity.  Eventually we will switch out the vanity top, but I think we have decided to just go ahead and repaint the vanity base that is currently there.  It is in decent shape.

In the guest bedroom we hung up some artwork.  Nothing to complicated :o).

Last night Chris also mowed the lawn, dug up some path pavers to flip them to the clean side, and he tacked the garage wall piece back up that fell down when I opened the garage last week.  I managed to squeeze in a three hour nap yesterday.  Ha, I guess that means Chris gets the gold star for productivity.

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