June 28, 2009

a lazy week...

equals nothing really to post about.  Actually it has been a somewhat busy week for me, but no progress worthy of photos on the house front.  We have hung a couple of pictures, but thats about it.

I did spend approximately 5 hours at Home Depot with our kitchen designer this week.  I am happy to report that we have actually finalized a design!  Hopefully we will go in on Friday to order the cabinets, and then the kitchen reno will begin.  I am still incredibly antsy to get the floors ripped up and see what is under there.  Still keeping my fingers crossed for some beautiful hardwoods, but I have a feeling they are going to be beyond repair.  

Lately I've been browsing for mirror to hang above our fireplace.  It is much tougher to find than I thought!  We want something large, and with a thick brown frame to break up the white.  I found this mirror at ZGallerie, but I'm not sure it is actually the one I want.  I would prefer some sort of wood frame.  Plus I would love to spend a little less than $300, but that seems to be the going rate for a large mirror.

On a side note today is our wedding anniversary!  I can't believe it has been a year since we got married.  And then I also can't believe it has only been a year.  I feel like so much has happened since then.  This morning we plan on making a nice breakfast together.  Not sure what the plan is for the majority of the day, but tonight we have dinner plans, and will be eating some cake!

We opted not to get each other any gifts, seeing as both of our bank accounts are a bit drained, due to all of our home purchases.  Thats alright, I'll take my house over a gift any day!

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