October 17, 2009

bump check: 15 weeks

Lets just say I'm starting to feel disgusting. I've never been a tiny girl with rock hard abs, or a super super flat stomach, but my midsection has never been a problem for me. Usually its my backend causing all the problems with jeans, but this itty bitty baby bump makes me hate all denim. I wish I could wear sundresses or sweats all day everyday. And surprisingly I lost a pound since last week. Who knows, my body is nuts.

I told Chris I look like I ate too many hotdogs (I have no idea why I decided it was hotdogs) but nonetheless here is my baby bump as of today.

This week baby is roughly the size of a naval orange, 4 in from head to rump and weighing in at 2.5 oz. The baby is nearing normal proportions, with the legs now outmeasuring the arms. All four of the limbs have functional joints. I can't wait to feel them moving!

Other random notes, did you know being pregnant can change your vision? I wore glasses as a kid, but pretty much grew out of them by highschool and had 20/20 vision. Over the past week or so I've noticed it is harder for me to get things into focus, so I asked the doc. She said yep, the baby can do that to you! Really? She said it had something to do with the change of hormones and pressure in my body. Oh, and I might not want to bother getting any glasses or contacts because it will probably change again when the little bugger comes out. Who knew.

How far along: 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: -3 pounds
Maternity clothes: not really using them yet
Stretch marks?: nadda
Sleep: it varies, I slept through the night twice this week!
Best moment this week: scheduling our anatomy ultrasound
Movement: nothing yet
Food cravings: for today, pasta
Gender: still hoping for a girl :o)
What I miss: caesar salad from Panera
Milestones: having another healthy check-up

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