October 13, 2009

you know you're pregnant when...

you cry at the sight of your husband.
Not because of anything bad of course! Chris was on call three nights in a row, and thanks to my work schedule and his schedule I didn't see him from Tuesday evening until Saturday morning. When came in the door Saturday I started crying. I felt ridiculous but I was so happy to see him!

you go to the grocery store, buy Pringles, and eat them on the way to McDonalds.
Yes, it happened. Am I proud of it? Not exactly. I didn't go to the store just for chips, we bought a weeks worth of groceries. But while we were there I decided I really wanted McDonalds for dinner, however on the way I got hungry. So sue me.

you are uncontrollably crying because you can't decide what to eat for dinner.
Chris, being the sweet husband that he is, called me on his way home from the hospital to see if I wanted him to pick up something for dinner. Absolutely nothing sounded good. He was throwing out options, and even offered to go to the grocery store and grab steaks to grill. I didn't want any of it. And I cried, and cried, and cried. So he came home and gave me hugs and started rambling off a few more things I could eat. What did I end up with? Pancake and sausage on a stick. Chris went to the store and got it for me. You should try it sometime, the breakfast version of a corndog!

phone commercials make you cry.
Yep the commercial where the little girl loses her dog, and Tyler Hansbrough is sitting on her step with the dog when she gets home? Gets me every time.

So being pregnant makes me cry a lot. On that note, here is a cute little onesie that Baby J will get to wear next October! Cute? I think so. :o)

p.s. Mark your calendars! We should find out if baby J is a boy or a girl November 10th! This is going to be a long four weeks!!!


Whitney said...

This is my favorite post in the history of this blog. I was cracking up. The pancake-on-a-stick story made me laugh almost as much as the first time I heard it. And I can't believe you cry at that Tyler Hansbrough commercial....haha! :) I love you!

Anonymous said...

I am NOT pregnant and cry at that Tyler Hansbrough commercial. Just wait for the Christmas commercials...it will be even worse. I enjoy your blog.