October 5, 2009

meet baby j

Here are a few pics from our ultrasound. This was actually the second ultrasound I had, but the first one was at just over six weeks, and the baby looks absolutely nothing like a baby. So I figured this would do :o).

In this first pic, no offense to baby, I think s/he looks pretty creepy. Baby is looking right at you.

In this one you can see the back of baby's head, an arm and two hands.

And here is baby's profile. Do you think baby looks like me? :o)

We actually had to have this ultrasound done twice. This first day we went in baby was constantly looking at as, making it impossible for the tech to get the measurements she needed. She even had me pee twice and jump up and down to try and get the baby to turn the way she wanted, but no luck.

We watched the baby squirm around, A LOT! I didn't know such a little thing would be moving around so much. Baby even got the hiccups. It was absolutely hilarious.

The only bonus to non cooperative baby? I got to see baby two days in a row. Day two baby was still extra wiggly, but the tech managed to get the look she needed. My mom came to the ultrasound... she said it looked like a crazy little boy moving around in there like that. I am going with it was a little girl dancing :o). I suppose we will find out in about six weeks or so!

And random tidbit for the day? I texted Chris today in the hopes that he would bring home hamburger helper and smores for dinner. He did. He loves me. :o)

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