November 26, 2009

the beer cheese soup adventure, part 1

Before I begin... Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a great day stuffing their faces with turkey and potatoes... or whatever it is your family eats on this day :o).

Now, the beer cheese soup adventure, part one. From my baby posts you may know that I have been craving beer cheese (or cheddar ale) soup like crazy. So I thought I'd be clever and make my own.

First attempt? Relatively good flavor, but for some reason the soup came out kind of grainy. I felt like even though I hate too much spice, this soup was lacking a little kick. Overall for my first attempt, I would call it a success. But I decided that I need to try out a few more recipes, hence part one of the adventure. I have a few more recipes that I will try out in the next couple months or so.

I used a modified version of this recipe from (I have tons of cookbooks, but still love finding recipes on that site. So convenient!) Based on some of the reviews, I added an extra cup of cheese, and mixed the cornstarch with a little bit of chicken broth instead of adding water. Who knows, if I had followed the recipe exactly maybe the soup would have been perfect. Oh well!

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