November 16, 2009

typical man

Here is a conversation I had with Chris yesterday morning...

Me: I don't see myself as someone who will go into labor early, but just to be on the safe side, I think we need to plan on being ready for a baby around 36 - 37 weeks.

Chris: Yeah, that makes sense.

Me: We should probably go register next weekend, and kind of figure out all the things we need, the nursery will need to be ready and stuff...

Chris: You know what I'm worried about?

Me: What?

Chris: That KU is going to be in the National Championship this year, and you're going to be in labor...

(photo take from here)

I reminded him that the hospital does have TVs, and as long as I'm not actually in the process of pushing the kid out, I think we will be fine. :o) Plus who wouldn't want to have a kid and win the national championship in the same day?

Rock Chalk Baby!!

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Beth Ann said...

Rock Chalk is right!! That is something I would be worried about in our household. But it would be awesome to have a kid and win the national championship n the same day!