November 30, 2009

steak stir fry

Before I was pregnant I cooked recipes that had chicken in them ALL THE TIME. I loved to bake chicken. Now, the thought of chicken generally makes me want to hurl. (Classy, I know) So I haven't really done a whole lot of cooking lately. Last week however, I decided to make some beef stir fry.

When Chris and I first started cooking, we didn't think the recipe was going to turn out well. I was partly bitter because we dirtied 3 pots and probably 4 or so bowls with all the prep and cooking. I figured a recipe that took that many steps was going to get messed up somewhere. But surprisingly, the dish was rather good.

This recipe comes again from my favorite place, We substituted our own veggies (mushrooms, water chestnuts and green pepper), and I forgot to add the green onion. Both of us agreed that the flavor lacked a little kick (next time I think we will add a little bit of hoisin sauce) but overall was rather tastey. Hope you enjoy!

And if anyone has some suggestions for easy recipes that don't include chicken, or tomatoes (I hate tomatoes!) let me know!

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Carey and Jon said...

Just stumbled across your blog! So cute! I must say, I used to cook a lot with chicken too...Now that I'm pregnant, cooking itself is basically non-exsistent, haha. My poor hubby! :)