December 19, 2009

bump check: 24 weeks

24 weeks. Really? REALLY?!? I seriously can't believe it. That means there are only 16 weeks left until my due date. And personally, I'm hoping she comes slightly earlier than expected, which means I would have less than 16 weeks to go. That is crazy.

Making it to 24 weeks is a pretty big deal in my book. From what I understand, 24 weeks = viability. No, no one really wants their baby to come into the world only having been baked for 24 weeks, but at this point there is a chance she could make it outside my body. I'd say that is a pretty big accomplishment.

Baby is now about a foot long, and still weighing just over a pound. Supposedly she gained about 4 ounces in the last week. Her brain is growing quickly now, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. Her lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help her air sacs inflate once she hits the outside world.

I can definitely tell that our little one is getting bigger and stronger. For the first time last night, Chris could literally see my belly moving from across the room. He is still the only one besides me who has felt the baby move, but I'm hoping soon she'll be moving often enough and um, big enough? that other people can feel it.

How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +8 pounds
Maternity clothes: yep
Stretch marks?: still none
Sleep: the cough I've developed isn't helping the sleep situation
Best moment this week: Seeing my belly move like crazy
Movement: its getting stronger!
Food cravings: onion rings
Gender: girl
What I miss: margaritas
Milestones: reaching viability


Kate said...

Your bump is adorable!

Beth Ann said...

Cute bump!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas.