December 6, 2009

bump check: 22 weeks

Due to some technical difficulties this post is coming to you just a teeny bit late. And secondly, I apologize that these stripes are a bit intense on camera. I thought they were kind of cute in person :o).

Every time I realize how far along I am, a little bit of disbelief follows. Now there are only 18 weeks until our little girl is due to arrive. I'm really trying to enjoy the pregnancy, but I just can't wait to meet her! Plus, all of these stretching ligaments are really starting to drive me nuts. This week I went to sit down on a chair in our house, and ended up in the fetal position on the floor because my body just didn't want to cooperate. Eh, the joys of being pregnant!

Baby is a whopping 11 inches long and weighs almost a whole pound! According to, our little girl should look like a mini newborn, with lips, eyelids and eyebrows that are becoming more distinct, and even tiny tooth buds developing beneath the gums. Her eyes are now completely formed, but are still lacking pigment. Come on baby blues! She is also more capable of hearing noises from outside the womb. Sometimes I feel like I should talk to her, so she isn't so bored floating around all by herself in there :o).

This week I've been spending a lot of time thinking about names. Picking one out for our baby girl stresses me out just a bit. What if she hates it? What if other little kids make fun of her? We have a few names that we are considering, and one that will most likely be the one, but I just can't say that it is officially what I want to call her. I've gotten the suggestion 'just wait until you meet her and then decide' but I just don't believe that when she pops out I'll know any better what her name should be. Hmm...

And a little laughable tidbit? I've pretty much lost all the strength in my abs. I have a tendency to get slightly stuck on squishy couches, or if I'm laying down in bed I have to roll over to sit up. Chris laughs and calls me a pregger turtle. Isn't he a sweetie? :o) (Ok he really is, but I have to give him a hard time now and then!)

How far along: 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +6 pounds
Maternity clothes: yep
Stretch marks?: nope
Sleep: I went all night without using the bathroom twice this week!
Best moment this week: receiving some sample nursery fabrics in the mail
Food cravings: I had beer cheese soup Friday night... :o)
Gender: girl
What I miss: my ab muscles
Milestones: making it through another week!

Check back later this week for how the nursery is coming along!

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