December 30, 2009

the great wall

So I bet several cat owners share my opinion. One of the most difficult things about owning a cat, is figuring out where to put the nasty litter box. The cats need access to it, but you don't really want it in a high traffic area.

When we first looked at buying our house, the previous owner kept her cat box in the closet in the family room. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll pass on hanging out with cat poo while I'm watching TV. Since we've moved in the cat box has moved between the guest room and the soon to be nursery. Well it isn't really awesome to have the cat box in with your guests, and it most surely isn't ok to have a cat box in the baby's room. So what do we do?

Well our house does have a basement, and up until yesterday it was a garage entry basement. Our solution to the cat box problem? We built a wall in our garage so our basement is now an inside entry. Previously there were two ways to get into the garage... you could go through a door in the dining room, or one in the family room, which just happened to pop out right by the basement.

In the garage before we built the wall, looking at the door coming from the family room:

And here is the man after he got all of his studs put up:

And here is the wall after the drywall was up:

So it isn't currently the prettiest thing. But it is functional. Next step? Install a pet door so we can keep the family room door closed while still allowing our little guys to get down the stairs to eat and poo :o).

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