December 26, 2009

bump check: 25 weeks

Crazy what a difference ten weeks makes. The picture on the left was taken at 15 weeks, when I was just first starting to get a little itty bitty bump. The picture on the right was taken today. I apologize for the sweats. After the holidays and the four hour drive in this wonderfully snowy weather there was no way I was putting on cute clothes for a headless photo :o).

This week our baby girl should be about 13 and half inches from head to heel, and weight about a pound and a half. She is finally starting to put on some baby fat so her skin doesn't look so wrinkly. Supposedly she is also starting to grow some more hair, and it is sporting a discernible color and texture.

Baby J got some very fun little things for Christmas. From her mommy (and daddy) she received a cute little owl onesie that I found on Etsy, and a blankie from Pottery Barn. Her grandma got her an extremely cute dining set (plate, bowl, sippy cup, etc.) that also featured some owls, and also the book "Why Grandpa Rides a Harley". From her auntie she got some super cute KU booties and a hat, a KU burp cloth and a book about Big Jay. This poor little girl is going to be brainwashed to love KU and owls from the very beginning!

How far along: 25 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I haven't stepped on the scale in a while...
Maternity clothes: do you think that stomach would fit in anything else?
Stretch marks?: none yet
Sleep: it comes and goes
Best moment this week: ordering the nursery furniture
Movement: I'm pretty sure she is body slamming my rib cage
Food cravings: onion rings
Gender: girl
What I miss: holiday cocktails
Milestones: only 15 weeks left!

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