December 9, 2009

nursery progress

Well I'm not sure you can say there has been actual progress on the nursery. It still looks like this:

However, I have selected some items and really started to think about the overall look of the nursery. Here are the fabrics we plan to use to make the crib bedding. The fabric on the left will be for the crib skirt, the middle fabric will be the outside of the bumper, and the fabric on the right will be the inside of the bumper. I hope to just buy some yellow crib sheets at the store.

And here is the nursery 'mood board' thus far (click the image to view it larger). I have ordered and received the yellow curtains from Urban Outfitters and I LOVE them. They are going to be so cute. I just need to pick out a curtain rod and get them hung.

The gray rug is from Anthropologie. I hope to have an owl mobile custom made in colors to match the nursery, and I want to paint a large letter (whatever her first initial ends up being) to hang above the crib. The crib we picked out right now is from the Munire Urban Collection. I know which glider I would like (the Quinn chair by BestChairs) but I'm not sure what color I want to have it upholstered in. I am hoping they have either a blue or a green fabric that will match what is in the crib skirt. We figured blue or green could work later on in a boys nursery.

That is all for now! When some real progress gets made I'll let you know :o).


CoreysGal said...

How do you create a mood board online like that? Is there a special site?

Ashley said...

I actually made the mood board with InDesign. You could copy and paste pictures into any program such as paint or Microsoft Word and get the same effect.

Beth Ann said...

Love the rug! And the fabrics you picked out are fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Love your blog :) Can I ask where the dresser is from? I've been looking for what feels like forever for something just like that!

Much appreciated!

Ashley said...

I found the dresser online here: But I think I saw it at Nebraska Furniture Mart the other day. I didn't realize it was the same one because at the store the drawers were pink!

Darcie said...

Hey There... Love to read all about the progress you are making.. but you do know as adorable as the bumper is going to are not suppose to have one in the crib any longer! Current recommendations by pediatricians is nothing in the crib besides the babe. Just thought I would share what we teach in the class and what our Ped's comment on as Guest Speakers..
Love the selections you are making.
Are you making any progress on a baby name list to take with to the hospital?
Can't wait to see how cute she is..