December 29, 2009

the places we go...

First I have start this post off with a conversation Chris and I had today...

: I want to write a blog post today, but I'm not sure what to blog about.
: hmmm, I don't know...
: Well I thought about posting about a project I'd like to do for our family room. I want to make a map for the wall that we can stick pins in. But every time I post a craft or project I want to do I never actually finish it. My blog is going to turn into a bunch of posts with other people's projects that I never get around to trying.
: Well your blog is called the domestic wannabe isn't it? :o)

Valid point Christopher, valid point. In that case, here is my post about the map I want to make, but may never actually get around to.

Chris and I have this goal, to visit each and every one of the 50 states together. I think right now we are only up to like 5 or 6, but eventually we hope to hit the 50 mark. To track our progress I thought it would be fun to have a large framed wall map in our family room, so we can put pins in the different places we visit.

Below are some pictures of the map that Leslie G. created to track her and her husband's travels. You can also view her blog post where it was featured on The DIY Show Off.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I just want to do a US map, or if I want to have a world map instead. For Chris and I's little project we would really only need a US map, but I have traveled out of the country a teeny bit, and thought it would be fun to put pins there too.

What do you think?


Whitney said...

Get a world map! Then you'll have one more excuse to travel internationally. :) And a pin will still fit in each state, too.

I'm glad you were able to spend Christmas with your family. Our Denver travels got a little rearranged as well, but it was great! See you soon, lovey.

The Barkemeyers said...

Hey Ashley! I have always wanted to have a map like that, but like you, never have gotten around to it. I think its a great idea and you should do it!

Jorden and Kristin said...

I want to make a world one like this for my husband and I! I would do it for wherever you may/have traveled most. I've traveled the world quite a bit but my husband has only been to three other countries but we plan on fixing that :)