July 16, 2010

frozen raspberry layer cake

Before I give you the recipe, is this girl not the cutest? I may be a bit biased, but how could you not love that face? And be happy that I just narrowed it down to one, she was in a good mood yesterday, and we took TONS of pictures. Like 100. I deemed this the cutest.

Here is another recipe from our Fourth of July celebration. This one however, was a new one. I found this recipe here, from Country Living. I love raspberries, and I love ice cream... no there isn't ice cream in this recipe, but it was frozen, so I figured it would be good. I e-mailed the recipe to my mom and mentioned that I thought it looked tasty, she was kind enough to make it.

Overall the dessert was good, but maybe not a favorite. The frozen raspberries were a bit tart and a lot to handle, but the bottom half of the cake was AMAZING. I could have eaten all of it. Seriously. So, if you like raspberries, you might want to give this one a try.



Jennifer said...

That picture is absolutely adorable, and I am going to have to try that recipe!! Yummy!

emily said...

omg, such a cute picture of her!!