July 20, 2010

this and that {it's all about ryann}

:: Ryann absolutely LOVES to gum my fingers now. I don't know if she is starting to get some pearly whites, or if she just likes the way it feels, but if she has a grip on my finger it is going directly to her mouth. As are many other things, toys, burpies, iphones...

:: Since she was a couple weeks old, we have suspected that Ryann has a mild cause of reflux. She spits up frequently, and occasionally it really bothers her when she does. Most of the time though, she is a relatively 'happy spitter' and she is gaining weight, so with the recommendation of the pediatrician we aren't medicating her.

But... the spitting up is starting to get ridiculous. Lots of her formula comes up when we do tummy time. When we hold her in a sitting position. When she is the least bit excited. When she gets upset. We try and sit upright quietly and calmly for a minimum of 20 minutes after she eats, so that she can keep some of it down, but this girl gets antsy. And when she is only awake for 80 minutes at a time, spending 15 of those minutes eating, and 20 minutes sitting upright, and 20 minutes getting her back to sleep, well, that doesn't leave much time for anything in the middle. It is driving me nuts, and I feel bad for her.

:: Ry is totally ready for game day. Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby!

:: I think Ryann is going to push the limits while she is growing up, a lot. Maybe not, but she does it unintentionally now! Our night sleep had gotten pretty terrible over the last two weeks, and just as I am hitting the end of my rope, the girl sleeps 10 hours straight, wakes up, has a bottle, and goes back to bed for another 2 hours. Thank you for that Ryann. I needed some sleep! But why do I still feel tired today? Oy...

:: We've decided Ryann's mental capticity, and desire to be mobile, makes her lack of motor skills frustrating for her. She is pretty much right on track, and getting better at things everyday, but she always wants to be sitting up (she face plants if you give her the slightest bit of wiggle room) and she has been trying to scoot with her legs. Check the video.

:: Those little legs are tough! Right now something else she enjoys, is if you pull her from laying on the ground to a standing position. She pushes her little legs straight from the seated position. It is too cute. And she uses her legs to turn herself around the playmat. If I leave her for five minutes she will be facing the opposite direction.

:: EDIT! As I was publishing this post, baby girl rolled from back to front. I missed it, but when I looked up she was on her tummy. Way to go Ryann!!


The Bignon Family said...

What a cutie! We have the same spitting issues and have been told he is a "happy spitter". But it is driving me NUTS!!! How do they even gain weight when they spit so much??? GL with everything!

emily said...

hey, we are total jayhawk fans too! are you from kansas? and did i already ask you this? lol.
i'm from olathe!

Ashley said...

emily - I am from Kansas! Originally from Topeka, but now I'm in Overland Park.

Sandy said...

My little guy was a "happy spitter" too! We took him to the chiropractor and use gripe water, and it really helped!