July 23, 2010

happy friday

Ryann loves my photo shoots...


In other news, she has definitely discovered her feet this week. She just isn't sure what to do with them.

Also, my child doesn't want to learn to sit, she would rather stand. Seriously! Now whenever I try to pull her into a seated position, she tries her hardest to push off the floor/pull on me so she can straighten her legs and stand up.

Maybe the hubby is right. She is going to be an early walker.

I'm screwed.

Happy Friday! :o)


Karlene said...

What kind of baby gym do you have? We're looking to buy one and yours seems nice! Have you been happy with it?

Ashley said...

Karlene- we have the Infantino Vintage Twist and Fold Activity Gym in the boys pattern. There isn't anything real exciting about it, but it wasn't too expensive. I like the pattern, and using the Bright Starts links we just hook random toys to it so it works!