July 9, 2010

shrimp and apple skewers

Apparently last week was fruit and meat on a skewer week at our house. On Thursday I picked out this recipe for grilled shrimp and apple skewers. We didn't follow the instructions exactly, because it was sort of a last minute meal (we were missing a couple ingredients) and the shrimp we used were a bit small, but I REALLY liked this recipe.

I caught him off guard as he came in with the dinner :o) Such a handsome grill master!

I didn't add as much of the red pepper as was called for, because I was paranoid it would be too spicy, but it wasn't at all, and I wish I would have added a little bit more. We also used dried basil instead of fresh, and I think that would have made quite a difference as well. But like I said, I REALLY REALLY liked this recipe. It was fairly easy and tasted great.


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Whitney said...

Yum! And I must say, your photo of the skewers is a lot more appetizing than the one on allrecipes. :)