July 12, 2010

this and that

:: One day last week Ryann was extremely spitty. Our house was rather warm, and I was tired of changing clothes, so she rocked the diaper. I honestly considered walking around in a sports bra after my 3rd shirt change of the day.

:: Saturday morning Chris took over baby duty so I could get out of the house for a bit. Meaghan and I went to a rummage sale, and stopped by Home Goods. I'd say I did pretty well for $40. And yes, I could probably DIY that lamp for a little cheaper, (I paid $30 for it, spent $10.50 on 8 frames at the rummage sale) but lets face it. I'm notorious for starting a project and never finishing it, so when I caught sight of that lamp I snagged it.

The lamp shade is yellow, the walls are green. The light in this corner of the room is HORRIBLE! Oh and yes, I will eventually put a picture in that little frame. $4 at TJMaxx, cute right?

:: This whole baby sleeping thing is starting to get the best of me. For the most part even though I was complaining about getting Ry to sleep, (it usually took 20 minutes of rocking/bouncing) after she was down she was out for at least an hour, was pretty happy all day long, etc. That has all changed this week. She is only napping for 30 minutes at a time, so she is frequently cranky because she is still tired. It has made her more spitty because she feels like she needs to eat when she is awake, even though she isn't that hungry. So... Chris went out and bought Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child and Babywise this weekend. Hopefully I will be enlightened, and we can solve our sleep dilemmas.

:: I bought a big 24in x 36in canvas at Micheals for 50% off. I hope to create something for above Ry's crib. Anyone want to take bets on how long that will take me to complete?

:: Ryann, poor girl, is trying to learn new skills. But she is getting SO frustrated. I think we are close though. She really wants to grab her toys, and she is reaching for them, but just can't quit get everything coordinated. Either she will get her hand right to the toy, but not be able to open her fingers, or she will slowly open and close her hand, but she can't quite aim straight at the toy. She is also trying extremely hard to roll from back to belly. She spends half of her time now on her side, grunting extremely loud. After a little while of trying both of these things she just starts to cry. I feel so bad!!! But she will get it soon, I know.


Erin said...

Ryann is about 4 months now, right? I think that is a notoriously bad time for sleeping/naps! Annie definitely went through a 30 minute nap phase for a long time... just in the past few weeks she has started napping for longer. Not sure what changed, but I like it! I really liked Healthy Sleep Habits, it's very informative.

I can totally relate to the frustration about learning new skills! Especially with grabbing toys, Annie can get SO pissed off... it's kind of funny almost :)

Meredith said...

Oh yeah, 4 months is notorious for being terrible about sleep--it's called the 4 month wakeful. It is TERRIBLE!

PS- I *love* that lamp!

CoreysGal said...

My baby is going to be 3 months on the 16th and I just love reading your blog because you are just a little bit ahead of me and it is fun to read about this stuff before it happens to me. I don't know how I found your blog but I'm glad I did!

Jen @ Jewel of the Prairie said...

I like the new lamp! cute :-)

Just an FYI - I know some folks have a tough time swallowing some of the Babywise mentality. I think you've got to have a thick skin when it comes to having your child cry, or super into having structure in your life. Not sure if you're like that, but just a heads up.

Ashley said...

Good luck with Babywise...I couldn't do it. I will try my hardest on the next one. I'm awful. Even now if Lilly cries I rub her back until she falls asleep and if she's really really upset I pick her up and soothe her. Remember...do what works for you!