August 30, 2010

five months

Five months. Which is super close to six months. Which is half a year. Way too close to being a year old. Oy.

No doctor's visit this month (yay!) so Chris and I had to do our best to attempt the length and weight again. We figure she weighs roughly 15 pounds 9 ounces, and is about 25 inches long. Growing like a weed that girl is!! Ry is wearing all 3-6 month clothes (though some of the onesies are seeming a bit short) and size two diapers. She is eating 3.5-5 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours.

Lets see, how are her sleeping habits? That is pretty much the number one question these days. They aren't wonderful, but I guess they aren't terrible either. We started putting her to bed unswaddled last week, which is definitely causing some wake ups, but not as many as I was expecting. Usually I rock Ry to sleep between 6:15-7, she is out for about 45 minutes, she needs a little help getting back to sleep, and then she will stay asleep until anywhere between 11 and 1. From that point on it is hit or miss as to how the rest of the night goes. Sometimes we can just go in and quickly soothe her back to sleep if she wakes, sometimes she really wants a bottle, and sometimes for no apparent reason she decided she is not going back to sleep and it is an all out fight.

I'm going to call this her pirate face... and her pretty lashes :o)

Yes I am still rocking her to sleep, and I know that is a habit I should be trying to break at some point. Honestly though? Putting her to sleep has gotten a lot easier, and when her little warm body melts into mine as she drifts off, I almost can't put her down. It is just so comfortable.

This little girl wants to be on the move so bad. She rolls to her tummy almost instantly when she is put down. Then starts the 'crawling' attempts. Ry is getting pretty good at tucking her legs up underneath her and pushing with them. Unfortunately she does it with her face on the ground. That limits her movement, not to mention if she gets off the blanket she is at serious risk for rug burn on her face :o).

this is what she looks like trying to crawl... makes pictures tough!

Anything in her reach is no longer safe, at ALL. If you are holding something, she wants it. And she'll get mad if she doesn't get it. Ryann goes crazy if I don't let her hold my phone. She can send quite the text message!!

Ry is also VERY interested in anything we are eating and drinking. She watches very intently as we put food in our mouth, and just stares while we chew. We tried out the high chair today and she sat pretty well, so I think sometime this month we will attempt some rice cereal. Hopefully that will help reduce some of her spit up, and who knows, maybe make her sleep better? Ha.

she was obviously thrilled to be in the high chair

Ryann loves the kitties. Definitely more than they love her, but are you surprised? Her eyes get so big whenever they are around, and her little hands start to reach out and open and close. Her petting skills are rather limited. I'm surprised that Max doesn't have any bald spots!

A few habits that Ryann has developed this past month are kinda cute, kinda not :o). Now that she has started going to bed unswaddled, she enjoys sucking her thumb. I wouldn't say she is the best at it (sometimes she pokes herself in the eye, fingers up the nose, etc...) but it is sure cute to see her try. Also, she has started doing what we refer to as the 'drama cough'. It is a sound that is somewhere between a laugh, a cough and a cry that she does when she is kind of tired and a little worked up or upset. Mostly I find it funny, but sometimes it drives me a little nuts. Oh well. Her definitely not so cute habit? She is starting to throw a fit when she isn't getting her way. She kicks her legs, arches her back and throws her head around. DRIVES ME CRAZY. Most of the time it is because she doesn't want to be held. But it isn't always easy to just let her roll around on the floor!! Hopefully that little habit doesn't escalate.

Happy five months Ry Ry. Mommy loves you very much!!


Jennifer said...

Her eyelashes are beautiful!! I love the picture of her trying to crawl...too cute!

The Bignon Family said...

She is SOOO precious! Happy 5 months!

Jenn said...

OMG she is so cute! Happy Monthday!

Nikki said...

She is getting so big! It's so fun to watch them when they really want to be on the move, but haven't quite figured it out just yet.

Whitney said...

She is so pretty! I'm glad she has discovered her thumb, but that is a hard habit to break.... I sucked my thumb until second grade, which was kind of embarrassing when I started going to sleepovers. And then I had 12 years of orthodontic work. Just sayin... :)

shawna @ styleberryBLOG said...

she's so cute! Wanted to be sure you caught the homepage of etsy today--all things chevron! it's awesome!

Ms. BWIT said...

She is so precious!! I love the photos!