August 22, 2010

headband obsession

Whew! We just got back from spending a little time at the resort (aka my parents house :o) so I'm feeling a little out of sorts. But oh well, it was great to hang out with my parents for the weekend, and let Ry spend a little time in the pool. And I mean a little time. The water had been perfect for a while, but of course it rained before we went, so she thought it was a little chilly! Anway...

I've had a few people ask about where I get all of Ryann's headbands. Where else? Etsy. I love that site. It distracts me for HOURS. Plus, I have the etsy addict app on my iPhone now, so I can browse etsy pretty much anytime anywhere. Its terrible. Especially considering my headband obession. I don't know why I feel like Ry needs so many, but I do. Probably because with her short little blonde hair makes her look rather bald, and although I try not to care, I don't exactly love it when people ask me how old my little guy is.

The most recent headband purchse I made was from etsy seller lisigirl. I found all of my skinnier colored headbands there. All 20 of them. Yes 20 :o). For $7.50! No, there isn't much to them, but they have a loop to put clips on, they are super soft and don't dent Ry's head, and she has 40 colors to choose from. I also purchased 6 flower clips for $9.00. Not too bad right? It's a great way to get a headband that matches every outfit. You can get all 40 different colored headbands for $15.

Here are some other headbands I wouldn't mind having in Ry's collection :o).

find it here

find it here

find it here

find it here

There are so many others. Man I love etsy. And headbands. :o)

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Karisbrandes said...

I found your blog a while ago and the first thing I noticed was that your daughter always wears headbands! I have 4 month old twins and they are both very bald. I was inspired by all the headbands I saw on here, so I made 20 the other day and now my girls have sweet little headbands, just like your daughter :)