August 10, 2010

thanks :o)

About a month ago Stephanie from Confessions of a Trophy Wife kindly awarded me with The Versatile Blogger. But I never mentioned it. (I fail like that sometimes) Then today Carey at the Adventures of Us also passed the award my way, so I wanted to say a big THANKS to both of you! I appreciate the love so much.

To accept the award I have to:
:: thank the lovely ladies that passed it my way (check!)
:: share 7 things about myself
:: pass the award onto some lovely bloggers who I have recently discovered or think are amazing

7 things I know you definitely (ha!) want to know:
:: I'm extremely afraid of the dark, and being home alone by myself. Like a ridiculous amount.

:: Lately I really REALLY want to redecorate my entire house (mostly the guest room, master bedroom, family room, my bathroom... ok the entire house :o). There are some pieces I would keep, but several that I really just want to change up. And I want to paint. Ugh.

:: If I could eat some sort of bread & cheese combo everyday, I totally would. I love carbs, and I love cheese.

:: I hate when other people write on any of my papers. For example, when we registered at the hospital before Ryann was born, the lady was writing little notes and circling things on the papers she was going to give us. It completely pissed me off. She messed them up :o).

:: Speaking of my obsessive compulsive tendencies, I hate when Chris loads the dishwasher (I should love it right?) because he doesn't do it 'right'. I'm horrible.

:: I bought a pair of grey legging jeans from the Gap that I am terrified to wear, because lets face it, my bum is not necessarily something that should be squeezed into things that tight. But they are so comfortable. I'm hoping with the right top and awesome heels they will look awesome!

:: I love baking. LOVE IT. But I rarely do for two reasons. 1, I hate having to clean up afterwards. 2, umm, I would eat all of it. Are we sure people can't live off of cookies, cheese and bread? :o)

Some Bloggers I Love:
Bri @ TheWebblog
Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed
Shelley @ The House of Smith's
Jen @ Let's Make It Ours
Joi @ Nuestra Vida Dulce

Thanks again ladies. I really appreciate all of your kindness towards me and my blog!


julie said...

I hate it when people write on papers of mine too. So irritating!

Aja said...

Totally have to reload the dishwasher myself if my husband does it! I can get about twice as many dishes in there! grrr. :)

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Yay! I'm just glad you saw that I had given you the award. I was afraid it got buried in comments or something! :)

Also, I'm totally with you on the carbs and cheese. If I had my way carbs and cheese would each have their own food group and they would be heralded as superfoods :P

Joy said...

I think we could be twins separated at birth! Everything on your list sounds just like me, especially the dishwasher. Drives me nuts!

Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed said...

Thank you. :)