August 23, 2010

my life is over

Ok maybe that is a bit dramatic, but it sure feels that way. My iMac won't start up. And my MacBook is broken. None of the troubleshooting for the iMac has worked.

I was going to try and connect my two computers together (to back up the iMac via firewire) even though the mouse on the MacBook is broken, but when I picked it up the battery pack fell apart. I'm not kidding.

So wish me luck, because unless I find a babysitter, me, the babe, the iMac and the MacBook are all going to have to make it into the apple store at 4:15.

Please please please don't let my hard drive be shot.

Completely unrelated, this is what Ryann thought of my attempts to keep her from rolling over after she ate.

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Nikki said...

OH NO! That is not good at all. I hope you are able to get it fixed easily.

Cute pic if Ry.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the Apple store! I've always had great customer support there. And maybe while they're working on your mac you can distract your adorable daughter with a game or two on one of their ipads