August 6, 2010

this and that

:: two of my besties stayed with me last Friday. I stayed up too late. I had a good time. Things like this happened. Man I love these two.

:: On Saturday Whitney joined Chris, Ryann and I on a little road trip to Perry, Oklahoma. Now Ry is NOT a fan of her carseat. But I'll give it to the girl, aside from a couple sleepy meltdowns, she did rather well. She slept for a good portion of the drive both ways. Her and Whitney had a good time :o).

:: It is becoming more and more difficult to get good pictures of Ryann because she is either rolling over, or playing with her feet. In this one she is actually looking at me, but do you see those toes peeking into the frame? When I went back to edit these I was cracking up.

:: My lovely hubby turned 25 on Tuesday. Our party of three celebrated his birthday Wednesday evening. My mom again provided the delicious candy bar cake. Can you see Ry's face in the pic on the right? Her little mouth makes me giggle.

:: Monday night Ryann spent the first night in her own crib in her own bedroom. On of us cried. One of us slept 11 hours straight. I'll let you guess who did what. Tuesday night went equally as well, pretty much anyway. Wednesday she woke up at 5:45AM, and I decided that I was not getting out of the bed until 6. At 6:02 she rolled over to her stomach, even though she was completely swaddled. Scared the crap out of me of course, but she was completely awake and very loud about the fact that she couldn't use her arms.

Wednesday night we put her to bed in her crib again. When I was going to sleep around 11 I was watching the monitor, and saw her roll over to her stomach fully swaddled and completely asleep. Chris ran in there and turned her over and quickly soothed her back to sleep. Two minutes later she did the same thing again (it was mildly funny because she sort of looked like a whale, with her arms pinned down, on her belly, half lifting her head with her eyes closed). She barely made any noise when she rolled over, so we obviously couldn't leave her in her crib swaddled. But neither of us are ready to deal with an unswaddled Ry. So back to our room she came, with her seahorse between her waist and the side of the cosleeper to keep her from rolling. We'll see how long it is before we are brave enough to have her unswaddled at night. Have I mentioned that she only lasts 30 minutes or so during the day unswaddled at naptime?

:: I think Ryann is getting sick of my little photo shoots. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

:: Usually as soon as you lay Ryann on the floor now, she rolls over. Which is great, whatever. Except for the fact that she gets frustrated so fast because she wants to move. So you have to seriously entertain her while she is down there. And even then she sometimes gets mad. So this is what I've resorted to, to keep her on her back playing with toys sometimes.

:: My daughter has an obscene amount of clothing. But its ok. This outfit? I put it on her at 9:20AM. By 10:15AM it was covered in puke. Oh well, at least I took some pictures.

:: Come back tomorrow to catch this weeks 'a day in the life'. It might be a few days later than planned, but still just as fun :o).


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Whitney said...

Oh, this post made me laugh. I love that we can revert back to our college days so quickly...I hope we still take head-shaking pictures when Ry is baby-sitting my children. :) And also taking family road trips!

AND, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I love that little owl onesie. I'm sure Ry looked just as cute after puking, but I am glad you got this photo before.