October 16, 2012

fall fun

me:  "Say cheese and you can have more doughnut."
ryann:  ohmyfreakinggawdmom "CHEEEEESE!" give me the damn doughnut

Sunday we decided to be ever so slightly adventurous, and headed out to a local cider mill and pumpkin patch.  I'm happy to report that unlike last year, there was no intentional dirt eating (probably some accidental though, see below).  The cider doughnuts and slushies were pretty tasty.  The pumpkin patch left a bit to be desired (especially at $8 per adult + the cost of pumpkins).  But we still had a good time.  Not sure we will trek out their just for the cider again though.

While we were there Ryann went through the kids version of the corn maze.  And was completely lit up by another kid charging through (in the wrong direction I might add).  Like her feet might have left the ground when the kid plowed into her.  Poor thing.  There were some tears, but she rallied.  And then she bit it in the pumpkin patch on the vines.  And I'm pretty sure she wiped out another time too.  Girl couldn't catch a break.

Because obviously that wasn't enough fall pumpkin fun for a 24 hour period, we met up with Sarah and the little boy she watches at Deanna Rose to visit their 'Pumpkin Hollow'.  Again, not the coolest thing we've ever done, but at least the $7 admission (for each of us) included a pumpkin, a hay rack ride to and from, and some other random activities.  And Sarah and I even got our pregnant butts (she is 8 montsh!) on one of those little bitty awkward tractor pulled trains.  Good stuff, I tell ya, good stuff.  Ry had a good time and that is all that matters.

I wasn't much in the mood for taking pictures, plus Ry didn't stay in one place for more than two seconds, but whatever.


Hopefully we can fit in some more fall activities in the next few weeks.  Crazy to think how different fall will look for us next year!  


Sarah and Derek said...

Had fun with you girlies yesterday even if Braxton was being a terd. I can't stop laughing just thinking about us getting into that train. We're really gonna have our hands full next year!!

Mommy Blog said...
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