October 4, 2012

project 366 {week 38}


I'm getting a touch behind on posting these, figures.  I'm a touch behind on life.  The baby girl in my belly is half baked today, and besides some clothes I couldn't resist (because we don't have enough girl clothes already, duh.), we've done nothing / got nothing for this baby.  I've got a really impressive to-do list though :o).

Also, I'm missing a photo from this week and the following week.  Apparently I failed to take one, and I don't see one off my phone either (speaking of my phone, I haven't posted pictures off that thing in forever, whoops...), so my project 366 is starting to dwindle to a 364, hopefully it doesn't drop too much lower.  In general I'd say I miss a picture for one of two reasons.  A) I forgot or we didn't really do anything picture worthy and I didn't think we really needed yet another picture in our bathroom.  B) We actually were super busy and had tons of fun and I enjoyed it rather than worrying about capturing it.  So there's that.

I really need to get a better picture of Ryann in her gymnastics leotard.  Especially her little bum.  I die a little bit from the cuteness every time she wears it.

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