October 9, 2012

this and that

::  I'm lacking all energy to be productive right now.  And really I don't have anything all that important to blog about either, but I'm laying on the couch with my laptop so I figured why not.  You all were hoping for some random bullet points today, weren't you?

::  First, there probably won't be a 'day in the life' post tomorrow.  Haven't heard from who was scheduled this week even after a reminder e-mail, so sorry about that.  But I'm sure you'll live.  Anything in particular you'd like me to blog about instead?  My brain is flat out concise ideas.  Oh, but speaking of 'a day in the life', I'm looking for someone who might be interested in writing a post for the November 7th slot.  Any takers?  Leave your blog address and e-mail in the comments section.

::  I sold the mattress set in our guest room this weekend.  Slowly but surely we are getting close to starting on the nursery.  I'm so completely torn about what all I want to do.  Right now I've settled on three white walls with some shade of aqua as an accent wall.  I suggested to Chris that the whole glitter wall thing might be cool, and he said hell no :o).  Unfortunately for him he works a lot...  Just kidding, I'm not really sure I need a whole wall of glitter, but I do hope to make a canvas like this.  I need to go search for fabric before I can pick paint colors, but I'm hoping for a color scheme along these lines...

image via here

Mostly aqua, coral and yellow, with some pinks and peaches, a little green and white.  Why I keep going for coral I have no idea.  I used coral for our wedding and the gender reveal, and it is always a pain in the ass to find coral stuff (you'd think I'd be an expert by now, right?).  Mostly because coral can be interpreted in so many ways (as can all colors, but I feel coral is particularly tough).  If you happen to know of any great fabrics that use those colors I'd love to hear about them. 

::  We ordered Ryann a twin mattress yesterday, and scheduled delivery for October 23rd.  So I'm pretty sure I have about two weeks left before I never get to sleep again...  I'm crossing my fingers that it goes better than I'm expecting it to, but I anticipate lots of wanting to be out of bed and roaming around her room.  I ordered this white quilt yesterday, now I just need to decide on some sheets.  And we need to get the dresser secured to the wall so my little monkey doesn't tip the thing over in the middle of the night.

::  I went a little crazy shopping at Gap and Old Navy for fall clothes for Ryann when we had some coupons and there were sales.  The sizing says a 3T is for 36-39 inches tall, and apparently I misread the weight, but it says 33-36 pounds (I swore it was 30-33, that would be the 2T, whoops).  I failed.  Because most of the stuff is HUGE.  I'm sure it will fit her in a few months, but now I've got a limited selection of 2T items we bought towards the end of last winter/spring.  Today she is wearing a 24 month shirt, and it fits just fine.  Oy.  I don't want to take all the 3T stuff back, because she probably will fit into it, I was just so darn excited for her to wear it!

::  Also related to Ryann's clothing size?  Shoe size.  Currently she is a 7.  All of her closed toed/fall shoes from last year are 6's.  The majority of 7's we have are sandals.  So my poor child was wearing socks with sandals this weekend when it was chilly.  That is most definitely something I never thought I'd allow.  But for the record, Chris let her do it first when I wasn't home.  Anyway... I don't want to get 7's right now, because I'm sure she'll grow out of them.  But the 8's are too big.  The kid might be really awkwardly dressed for the next month or so, until she grows just a bit more...

::  I'm sure you are so incredibly happy you just wasted time out of your day reading this :o).  Happy Tuesday!


Jen@Living a Listful{l} Life said...

I bet Ryann will do great in her new bed. And the nursery sounds like it is going to be adorable!

I'd be interested in doing the day in a life for Nov 7; my blog address is: jenbucketlist.blogspot.com & email is jennifer.hallquist@gmail.com

Rest up lady!

Amanda said...

The nursery color scheme sounds gorgeous! I am excited to see it.

I always feel like we are inbetween sizes too. I have a small child. She is 26 months old and can still wear 18 months in some things and a size 6 shoe.

Also, the socks with sandals thing on FK is something my husband also thinks is acceptable, ha.

Crazycurls said...

I just got Molly 4Ts at Old Navy, she's super tall so needs it for the length but they just drape on her bc she's so skinny, so hard to shop for kids. I got her some Carter's pajamas in 4T but have to take them back bc the pants kept falling down!
And because Tommy is 2.5 yrs younger they don't match up for any of their clothes, I have 18 and 24 month winter pajamas that Molly wore but Tommy is only in 12 month so I had to get him new pjs as well! Have fun with hand-me-downs with number 2 :-)

Jenny said...

Ruby's nursery is yellow, coral, and dark red. The main fabric in there is her curtains, which are actually made out of an old vintage-looking sheet.
Her crib sheet is made out of this fabric of pretty shades of coral dots:

She has a back-up sheet that matches this changing pad cover (in a really pretty golden yellow):

And then, she has this etsy art:

http://www.etsy.com/listing/85409995/birth-announcement-13x19-botanical?ref=usr_faveitems (yellow, aqua, and dark red - but maybe she could change that to coral if you liked it?)



Oooh, I found this one when I was looking for the link above and think it would be great for a yellow/coral/aqua nursery!

Ok, sorry, this got really long. Definitely find something to use as a coral focal point, and then carry a piece of it around with you when you're out shopping. I carried a scrap of the curtain fabric and a coral ribbon in my purse everywhere for a while. Don't be afraid to take something plain and (have your mom) embellish it up! Ruby's crib skirt is just a plain white one, but I sewed a stripe of yellow ribbon, then one of coral ricrac, then dark red pom pom trim on the bottom to make it match her room. It looks great!

I can't wait to see what you come up with (and I'm kind of wishing you WERE doing a whole wall of glitter...).

Anonymous said...

Shelby's pretty much exactly the same size as Ryann. I just bought her a bunch of 3T tops since I know they'll take her through the winter. They're a bit big, but I can always roll the sleeves up for now!

I can also do a post on Nov. 7 or any date after that. I haven't done one in a while and should probably document what life is like with an almost 5-month old and a 2-1/2-year old!

laurapayette {at} yahoo {dot} com

MommaBird.net said...

I love coral and I'm so excited to see the nursery. And would it be weird of me to admit that I am looking forward to seeing Ryann's fall outfits? I love little girl clothes. I want a little girl so badly on the next round just so I can shop. Ha!

I'm curious to know where Ryann is when you are doing these runs. I think you do them early in the morning? Who's watching her? What is she doing? Is she still waking up at the crack of dawn? My husband is a runner and thankfully he takes him on the runs in a jogging stroller, so it gives me a break. So I'm always curious of other moms who are runners and what they do with the kiddos.

Dani said...

Hi Ashley, love the color scheme! I've been blog stalking for awhile without commenting and admiring your running determination while preggo! Way to go, I wish I had been determined enough! I'd be happy to do a Nov 7 Day in the life post. I live overseas in India though so my life, in some ways, probably looks a little different but also very much the same as most SAHMs. My email is danielle.dumm@gmail.com if interested. Cheers!

Erin said...

Ooh, I feel you with the clothing sizing! I got all 3T for Annie too, and it's just huge on her - but 24 months was definitely too small so I figured it'd be fine. Most of the stuff I got wasn't anything super cute - just the everyday stuff, and I would like it to last 2 years :) We'll see!

Someone told me about a "dapper snapper" for pants - that might help to at least keep them up! I might be getting one for Annie's pants, which would help the waist but not so much the 2 inches of extra fabric...