October 26, 2012

twenty-three weeks


written October 25th

I thought I was being all good remembering to take a picture before Ryann and I headed to my parents house for a bit.  Except I forgot that the gradient layer and 'weeks' heart was only on my main computer, not my laptop.  So I'll have to fix the photo later.  Oh well.

Also, I spent a chunk of time curling my hair because we were supposed to have family photos this morning.  But just my luck it was gray, raining and nasty out.  At least I was taking this picture so it wasn't a complete waste, right?

how far along:  23 weeks (compare to 23 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a grapefruit, between 10.5-11.8 inches long and weighing 12.7 to 20.8 ounces.  Basically it lists the same size as last week with a different fruit.  Who knows.  I'm terrified she is going to be huge, for not reason at all of course. 

weight gain:  8.4 pounds.  Considering the fact that I am still obsessed with all things unhealthy (but trying to avoid them, I swear!  kind of...) I'll take a .4 gain this week.

maternity clothes:  As much as I want to be super awesome and wear my regular clothes, maternity clothes are just easier.  Actually sweats are a lot easier.  :o)  I've had some coupons to Destination Maternity, so I've stocked up on some maternity stuff.  It works.

symptoms:  Just lots of movement from the little one, plus the urge to eat everything in sight.  I have been getting what I'm going to probably not so accurately diagnose as restless leg syndrome at night.  If I sit down on the couch for any length of time my legs just get uncomfortable and I want to move or go to bed and sleep so it will go away.  It isn't painful, just annoying and uncomfortable.

exercise:  Only three days of official workouts this week, but one of those was just a half marathon, you know.  :o)  I took two days off before and after the half to take it a little easier on my body.  Tuesday I went on a three mile walk, and Wednesday I went on a 3 mile run/walk.

cravings/aversions:  Still baked goods and Mexican.  A huge thanks to my pal Kenzie for joining me while I indulged in that Mexican craving.  It was so freaking good.  I've decided that I mostly have an aversion to cooking :o).  At home the thought of making anything seems kind of repulsive, and I just want fruit or yogurt or cereal.  But eating at a restaurant doesn't sound so bad.  I think I always have an aversion to cooking though...  Still want nothing to do with olives or pizza really.

movement:  Tons.  Some days are a little slower, especially if she has flipped with her limbs down (I'm assuming).  But a lot of times I am staring at my belly saying 'seriously!  calm down!'  I can't believe how uncomfortable some of the movement is already, I'm scared for when she is bigger...

sleep:  Not too shabby.  Even with Ryann in a big girl bed.  I'm knocking on every piece of wood I see right now.

gender: Girl.  Which is oddly still weird.  I don't know why, but it is weird that there is another little girl in there.

looking forward to:  Nursery decorating.  Being done with the half.  A trip to Georgia in the next month.  The holidays.  My house not being a disaster.  Lots of things.

worries:  That I'm going to be a hot mess with two kids.  I can't convince myself to keep up with everything right now with just one, how the hell am I going to do it with two?  Also Christopher and I are still having a hard time picturing another daughter.  I don't know if it would be different if it was a boy, but I just can't imagine another baby, especially a girl.  I can only picture Ryann.  I know that will change, it is just kind of weird.  Weird to talk about the baby GIRL in my belly, another daughter...

what's different this time:  I'm a lot more active.  That is all I've really got.

milestones:  not a clue

best moment this week:  Finishing the half marathon, and feeling good about it!  I was sore that day (but I think more chafed than anything...) but not really at all the next couple of days.  I kept waiting to be miserable but it never happened.  I trained the right way for this race and listened to my body and am I very proud of it.

To the anonymous commenter who claimed I was being selfish by simply doing the half to say that I did it while pregnant, I understand where you're coming from.  But that is not at all why I ran the half.  I ran the half because I really wanted to, I didn't want to sit out a race season if I didn't have to.  I enjoy running and the feeling of accomplishment when I cross the finish line.  Training for that race kept me active during a time when I easily could have given up and said, "oh I'm pregnant, need to just take it easy."  Thousands of women run while pregnant, and I completely trust my doctor and her opinion.  Between her opinion, my husbands' and me knowing my own body, I knew full well that I was capable of finishing the half without harming the pregnancy.  If for any reason I felt something that had made me think it wasn't a good idea I wouldn't have done it.  I have never once had a contraction, cramping or any spotting during this pregnancy.  Next time you want to call me out on something grow a pair and at least post your name.

To anyone who reads this blog in general.  There is a reason I don't offer advertising, nor am I trying to make a big blog name for myself.  This blog is for ME.  Me and my family.  And for friends and any mama's out there who enjoy this sort of community.  So if you don't like what you're reading, just move on.  I am completely open to a difference in opinions, no doubt.  This is the internet and it is my choice to post stuff for the world to see.  But at the same time I don't need anyone hanging around who will attack me personally.  Opinions on parenting, the best way to do something, things of that nature, products that you think are better, share away.  Opinions on me as a person?  Go ahead and keep them to yourself.

Ok, off my soap box.  Really it was a pretty good week :o).   


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

Yeah! You go run that half, lady! Rock on with your awesome pregnant self, taking on all the internet meanies in a single blow! Can you believe some people? Geesh! :)

Stephanie said...

Comments anti-pregnant-running really chap my hide. Pregnant runners do marathons! I'm not pregnant yet, but my doctor has fully ok'd me to continue distance running during pregnancy since I'm already a runner.

So congratulations on that half, from a (hopefully) future-pregnant-runner!

christa said...

Way to go Ashley! I think it's awesome that you continued to run while you're pregnant, and if I was going to have kiddos I'd keep running as long as I could. I have a friend from high school who is due anytime and she is still running, very slowly, but running.

TiWiKrog said...

I'm a random reader - and I love reading about what you are up to! I'm 99% sure that in January I'm going to be a stay at home mom and quit my full time job (I have a 1 year old) and I see you as someone I look up to! I worry about the transitionm - but look to blogs to learn the best way to juggle it all.


Sarah said...

I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks, but really felt the need to comment today! I wanted to say your last 2 paragraphs were very well written and I'm so glad you addressed that incredibly rude comment. As a mother myself, I really enjoy this sort of community and your blog. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I don't comment much, but I've read your blog for a long time. A few things:

1. Anonymous commenters are lame. I understand people may not agree with your decision, but there are other ways to phrase it.

2. I'm glad you don't offer advertising. I feel like everyone does it nowadays and I think it takes away from the blog content because people just want to increase their stats.

3. I'm pregnant with my first (4 weeks to go!), and she is INCREDIBLY active. Several doctors have commented about how wild she is. I thought once she got larger and ran out of room she would calm down a bit---nope. Instead of the constant, sweet little kicks, Little Miss thrashes and bashes ALL DAY LONG. Random people notice her movements! I think at this point she's trying to bust out of babyjail.

The "L" in ELF said...

Unbelievable. I cannot believe the gall of some people. I never once doubted you or your doctor (and in all honestly, who the hell am I to judge? Personally, I thought you running was awesome!). Anyway, I think it's something in the water lately...eff the anons. So not worth our time. =)

Ingrid said...

You ROCK! And inspire me! I am 18 weeks pregnant and work out 3 times a week at Stroller Strides. Many times I turn to your posts to get me going when I am feeling lazy! I used to run before my first baby and wish I had stuck with it. I am glad you set that anonymous naysayer straight. Clearly that person is ignorant and needs to SHUT it!!

Kristy said...

I don't ever comment hardly either but yes, you're pretty much amazing for accomplishing that in general, let alone while pregnant. I agree with you- people with rude opinions can quit reading!

Carrie Soleta said...

Ok - I never comment on blogs. I've actually been following your blog for a few years now, it is my favorite! I can't believe how rude people are! You rock, keep it up! I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and due to spotting have chosen to stop running for now. I have to say I am so jealous that you can still run! Be proud of yourself!! :) Have have a wonderful weekend!

Kim3278 said...

Only YOU know your body and how far it will take you. I'm so stinken proud of you and you are such an inspiration. So much so, I bought the running shoes, downloaded the daily mile, and well, started off on my C25K running program. You keep doing what you are doing! I enjoy your blog! Its one of my daily indulgences! All the best to you guys!!

Amy said...

I can't believe someone said that!! And OF COURSE they were anonymous, chicken sh%*! Haters gonna hate, probably because they are jealous and lazy. I think you rock and how cool that you will be able to tell your daughter one day, that you ran a half marathon TOGETHER, ha!! Keep on keepin' on girl!!

Sean Marie said...

So cute! Question, is your daughter's name pronounced Ry-Ann or Ryan? Just curious.

Sarah and Derek said...

LAME person!! I think your so awesome for continuing to run! Obviously you would know to stop if something didn't feel right. Only you know your body. keep it up girl!

Meredith S said...

What a jerk!!! Probably a big fatty who hasn't exercised a day in their life;)

Good for you for keeping up your exercise routine, a lot of people wouldn't be so determined.

I love exactly how your blog is...it's my favorite and i check it first every morning!

Amber said...

Happy 23 weeks! I read your blog but dont really comment much but to the anonymous commentor-if they cant even post their name, thats just crappy. At least if you are going to post something like that, post your name!

Julie S. said...

I had restless leg syndrome with both pregnancies-- it was worse the second time, and my dr. ended up giving me something for it. It really helped! :)

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

You are just the cutest preggo lady ever!! And I can't believe people comment anonymously, just to be rude. Ugh. That happened to me once or twice and it's so ridiculous. If people don't like you, or your blog (or me, and mine) why don't they just stay away? No need to be beasts. I'm sorry mama!