October 12, 2012

twenty-one weeks

written October 11th

Gah.  I know I some point I'll be begging time to speed up, but right now it is flying by and I feel like I'm a racing to keep up.  19 weeks or less to go.  That really isn't so many.

how far along:  21 weeks (compare to 21 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a banana, about 10.5 inches long and weighing 12.7 ounces.  I think they've moved to measuring from head to heel, or the little lady grew roughly 4 inches over the last week... 

weight gain:  5.6 pounds.  Despite the fact that I've been eating everything in sight (seriously, ask Christopher), I only gained .2 pounds this week.  I'm sure I'll make up for it next week since that seems to be the trend, and honestly I just can't stop eating.  I'm hungry ALL.THE.TIME.  And everything looks good.

maternity clothes:  A combination of maternity and regular.  I'm not really loving maternity pants (I don't know why) but even my regular pants that have a waist band big enough to fit are uncomfortable.  The second I don't need to be 'presentable' I'm in sweats.  Just so much more comfortable.

symptoms:  HUNGER.  And way too many hormones.  I'm a freaking emotional roller coaster.

exercise: I was surprised to look back at my training log and see six days worth of entries.  I feel like besides running a few times a week I'm not doing anything.  But apparently I am.  Too lazy to list it all out right now, but between the elliptical, walking and running I covered 32 miles over the last week, including a 12.25 mile run.  I'm getting some shin splints like whoa, which I'm a little (a lot) pissed about.  Especially because the stupid in me wants to sign up for a 15k (just over 9 miles) on November 10th.

cravings/aversions: Um, food.  Yes lots and lots of it.  Mostly sweets.  If I didn't have to do the stupid dishes I would be baking everyday.  I suppose my body should thank me for having to do dishes, otherwise I'd be way overeating more than I already am :o).

movement: Definitely feeling a lot more movement this week.  One night I even saw my stomach move a couple of times, so I know she is getting stronger.  It is funny (kind of) because even though the movement isn't super intense, baby sister seems to be up pretty high on a regular basis and makes me nauseous.  I was just surprised that would happen with her still being relatively small.

sleep:  Once I make myself go to sleep, I sleep pretty solid until I need to pee sometime after 5am.  After that it is a coin toss whether or not I fall back asleep.

gender: Hey girl hey!

looking forward toand stressing about Picking a name.  I know I'm being all drama queen about it but I want to decide on a name for this little girl, and there just isn't something that Chris and I both love.  I don't like his first choice, he doesn't really like my first or second, and the one that I half heartedly suggested that he likes I just can't get behind yet.  :o(

worries: I'm excited about this pregnancy and this little girl that is going to come into our lives, but I just feel like in general, me and the people around me aren't all that excited.  Obviously.  Been there, done that.  I understand it.  And I'm sure this is just mostly my hormones talking.  But I feel like this little girl is going to be completely overshadowed by her big sister and just everything going on in everyone elses' lives.  Again, hormones.  I'm so overly emotional right now.

what's different this time: I feel like I'm sleeping better than I did when I was pregnant with Ryann.  And I know I'm taking in way more fluids but somehow don't have to pee as much.

milestones:  Teen weeks left!

best moment this week:  Selling some of the guest room furniture, because I feel like we might actually get started on the nursery.


MommaBBabyboy said...

We were exactly the same when choosing a name for our second! We let Daniel (our eldest) choose in the end haha!

Amy said...

Oh girl, there is no way that baby will get overshadowed. I remember feeling that way when I was pregnant with Harper, it just wasn't as exciting as the first time around. But holy moly, that girl has been far from overshadowed, her personality just won't allow it. Don't you worry, once she is here, you won't remember what life was like without her.

I've been thinking of names for you, but every time I go to comment and tell you, I forget them all!!! I wanted Harper to be Parker but I didn't want a Parker and a Paxton. Sometimes I even call her Parker on accident!!