October 11, 2012

i can't even.

You guys, school pictures are the best.  Seriously, there isn't much to say.  I laughed so much when I picked up Ryann's pictures from MDO.  The little clasped hands and her goofy smile.  The awkward shoulders in the first one.  I love it.


And I'm so glad I left her little boo boo in.  She still looks adorable, and it really helps depict her right now.  I'm all for beautiful candid portraits.  Those are my fave.  But these?  These are awesome in their own fantastic way :o).


hilljean said...

I love the second one! Love them! I am a sucker for awkward photos though. We had our own awkward family photo sesh back in July. They're my favorite.

Ashley@MarriedLane said...

The shoulders kill me! How adorably uncomfortable! She looks like such a sweet heart!

Southern Belle Mama said...

Love it! That little scrunched up face is precious! Lilly-Belle had her preschool picture made last week and I can't wait to get them back to see what face she made. :) Happy Friday!

Baby Mama said...

Seriously so cute! How are school pictures always so adorable!

Joi said...

Her smirks are the best!