December 1, 2014

our advent activity calendar

At some point this week I hope to go back and get some of our Thanksgiving weekend photos on the blog.  But if anyone else is scrambling to put together activities for an advent calendar (as I am) I thought I'd share what I've come up with so far.  You can see the first set of activities I put together back in 2011 here.


We're a bit heavy on the 'look at lights', but I don't care.  It is easy, and the girls love seeing the lights.  I don't have all my cards pre-made anymore, I just do it the night before.  That way I can easily switch stuff up or change my mind if we need to.  Some of the days are just geared towards Ryann, but I don't think Elsie will really notice.

I'm just so dang excited for the month.  My mom picked up some coloring and activity countdown placemats for the girls, they are super cute and made by Two's Company.  Our Christmas tree just makes me smile.  Our elf is back in action, but most likely won't do anything terribly exciting.  I'm giving myself bonus points just for remembering to move it.  Festive pajamas and holiday themed bows.  Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses.  I'm just giddy!


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